15 Ways Simple Human Behavior Is Related To Personality

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 30, 2017

Tapping the secrets of human behavior is a gargantuan task. Even those with degrees in behavioral sciences have a hard time deciphering the inner workings of our mind, unless they get to ask us specific questions that is. We have however uncovered 15 different ways our body shifts and turns which can unravel our personality to those with a keen eye.

The way your hang toilet paper

After Gilda Carle surveyed 2000 men and women about how they hang their toilet paper, she asked them to fill out a survey which would measure their assertiveness. Those who rolled the toilet paper over tended to be more dominant.

Eating habits

By far the biggest clue into your behavior is the way you eat. Experts say that slow eaters are more in control of their situation and can appreciate the subtleties of life. Faster eaters are more ambitious and very impatient.

The walk of a woman

The way a woman walks can shed some light on the frequency of her orgasms. Women with longer orgasms have confident strides and more rotation. Scientists can judge with 90% accuracy by spotting these tell tale signs in their gait.

Lower emotional intelligence

People who use negative words such as "depressed", "angry", "sad" and "detest" are introverts and generally exhibit lower emotional intelligence. The opposite is true for extroverts and narcissists; they use words such as, "I", "me" and "mine".

You could be a perfectionist

If you tend to pick on your skin, pulling your hair and biting down on your nails, it may just be that you have ''body focused repetitive behavior" (BFRB). Scientists found in a 2015 study that those who exhibit such behavior are more likely to be perfectionists.


We tend to cast a negative eye towards individuals who are late to an event. But a study found that people who are late are actually more laid back while those who race it to the deadline are crisis makers.

You don't read your emails

If you allow your emails to stack up overtime, it might mean that you're extremely intelligent because you feel that it is not necessary to read them. The emails don't really contribute much to your progress, so they take the back seat.

Addiction to the phone

If you're a popular person with hundreds of friends constantly bombarding you with messages, chances are, you're constantly checking your phone in the mall, in the grocery store and even in the theater. Introverts on the other hand are less likely to frequently check their phones.

You let your emails stack up and don't read them

You allow your unread emails to stack up to thousands. This might mean you are overwhelmed and disengaged. Some email ignorers might actually be more organized than everyone else, it's just that they have different priorities and feel that emails just don't deserve attention.

You read all your emails and delete them

If you're the type that reads their email and promptly deletes them, it means you're someone who seeks to control every façade of their life. Your attempts to bring order to your life can take its toll on you.

Duck face selfies

Researchers found out that people who made a duck face were more likely to be anxious and moody, symptoms of a neurotic individual. People often use duck faces to draw inferences about people's personalities, online daters actually feel that duck face is actually hot.

Lopsided face

People with asymmetric faces tend to make better team leaders. They have a domineering personality which makes them ideal candidates for bossing people around. It can also mean they had more deprived and harder childhoods and likely faced malnutrition.

Deep lines and crease

Skin which is characterized by deep lines and creases give clues that the person has had a hard life. They can also shed clues on your body's overall health. For instance, the lines between your eyebrows can indicate something with your liver and spleen.

Head tilt

If you're wondering whether someone is truly interested in you, try to look out if their head is tilted and slanted at an angle. A straight monotonous face devoid of expressions means they are obviously not interested.

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