15 Genius Clothing Hacks That You'll Wish You Knew About Before

Lifestyle | By Harriet King | October 30, 2017

Ever wish you were one of those people who knew all the secret tactics for removing impossible stains? Or maybe you'd rather know how to turn those worn out jeans into a new pair of shorts for the summer. We have the answers! Instead of throwing perfectly wearable clothes away, you can save yourself some cash and learn how to improve your current wardrobe. You'll never have to worry about your white shirt while you're eating spaghetti Bolognese again!

Remove Red Wine Stains From Cotton Clothes

We've all been there: a couple of glasses in and you've spilt red wine all over your favorite pants. Never fear, your clothes can be saved! All you'll need is some club soda and a paper towel to remove the stain.

Use A Sharpie To Cover Bleach Stains

Bleach stains are one of the most unattractive looks out there. Those little orange dots can completely ruin your dark-colored clothing. Next time it happens, just color the stains in with a Sharpie and they'll be as good as new.

Try On New Pants Like A Pro

Forget spending hours in the fitting room trying on pants. Now there's a new way to see if they'll fit. Wrap the waistband around your neck instead and if the two ends don't meet, the pants will probably be too small.

Transform Your Ripped Jeans

Are the holes in your jeans getting just a little too big? If you feel like you're showing way too much skin, simply wear some patterned tights underneath to give them a brand-new look. Not only will they look cool, they'll keep you warm, too!

Use Lemon Juice To Remove Pit Stains

It seems that no matter how diligent we are with applying deodorant, awful yellow sweat stains will continue to appear on our white shirts. Simply spray some lemon juice in the affected area before you wash them to remedy the problem.

Use Baby Wipes To Remove Deodorant Stains

If it's not sweat stains, it's deodorant stains. Either way, we just can't seem to win! If you find these pesky white marks on your clothes, the solution couldn't be simpler. Just use a baby wipe to remove the stain instantly.

Remove Red Lipstick Stains With This Trick

Red lipstick looks great, but it can be a major problem if it finds its way onto any of your clothes. To fix it, simply apply a bit of hairspray to the area. Let it sit for ten minutes, then throw it in the wash.

Roll Your Pants The Right Way When You Wear Your Boots

Are your jeans getting damaged every time you wear them with boots? Maybe they simply sit too awkwardly? All of your problems can be solved by cuffing your jeans instead. To be honest, they just look better this way, too!

Use A Hair Straightener To Iron Your Shirt Collar

This one can really save the day when you're running late for work and you haven't bothered to iron a shirt. Grab a hair straightener and get to work on that collar! If the whole shirt is crinkled, throw a sweater over it, too.

Kill Denim Odors

You can't be constantly washing your denim clothing - it takes forever to dry and will wear out too fast! If your jeans or denim jacket start to get a little stinky, remove the smell with a mixture of vodka and three drops of essential oils.

Breathe New Life Into Your Favorite Leather Shoes

Leather polish can be an expensive item, so next time your boots need a makeover, don't worry about buying the really good stuff! You can achieve the same effect by simply rubbing your regular moisturizer into your trusty heels or boots.

Save Wardrobe Space With This Neat Tip

Sick of trying to squeeze your hangers back into your cupboard? Save on space with this awesome trick. Just use a soda can tab to create double hangers and remove all that hassle from your life. Amazing space-saver!

Prevent Your Zipper From Sliding Down

If your pants have been causing some embarrassment when the zipper gradually slides down without your knowledge, we have a tip for you. Just attach a key chain to the zipper and hook it onto your jeans button.

Hide Bra Straps With A Paper Clip

Racerback tank tops are great, but they come with the added problem of visible bra straps. If this is a problem for you, just pop into your stationery cupboard and grab a paperclip to pull those straps into place!

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