Everyday Objects You've Been Using the Wrong Way Your Entire Life

Science | By Ian Anglin | October 30, 2017

There are a lot of everyday objects - such as a spoon, an eraser, or a soda tab - that you may think you know how to use them properly. But this is not the case. There are a lot of these objects that have more uses than people realize. Did you know, that for example, the soda tab on a can of coke it designed to hold a straw? The straw is not supposed to directly enter the can of coke, as that way it can easily fall off as you might have noticed. Let's review the other items on the list.

Erasers Have Two Sides for a Reason

Most erasers sold today have two sides - you must have noticed this. Well, this is not a design rule that all manufacturers have to adhere to - the two sides were created for a reason. The blue part is for erasing ink - the other is for your pencil.

The Soda Tab is For Straws

No one likes hearing straw man-type arguments, but we sure do like using them for drinking coke. The tab on the top of your can of soda is not there to inconvenience you - it is there so you can put your straw through it, as it can hold it more firmly in place.

Why Is Your Pot Boiling Over?

This a very frequent question people have - you put just enough water in the pot, but it still boils over 15 minutes later. The solution is very simple - just do as the photo above. Place a wooden spoon over the top, so that the bubbles don't overflow.

The Many Uses of Printer Cartridges

Printer cartridges are expensive, and many people may be throwing them out of their printers before they are fully empty. Before throwing a cartridge, use a paper clip to push the reset button - many times this is enough to get a few extra weeks of use.

What Are the Back Loops For?

Some of the older types of shirts have a type of "back loop" on their backside. This is not placed there so your mother or wife can hold you - nor it is a fashion detail. The back loops are there so you can hang your shirt without causing the front and back to wrinkle.

Another Use for Soda Tabs

We covered soda tabs in a previous paragraph, but we are not done with them yet. Another use for soda tabs is to attach them to hangers - that way you can easily double up on the storage space in your closet.

Have You Ever Noticed the Tiny Hole on Airplane Windows?

Many airplanes have a tiny hole on the bottom part of the window - this is not a manufacturing defect, and it is nothing to worry about (except if the hole keeps getting bigger mid-flight). The hole is there to regular the differences between the internal and extern air pressure.

The Purpose Behind Pasta Spoons

Pasta spoons are an interesting item - one of their main uses is to measure the amount of spaghetti per serving. Many people did not know that the holes in the middle of a spaghetti spoon are there for this exact purpose.

Why Do Shirts Have a Button Hole On Their Collar?

You may have noticed that many shirts have a horizontal button slot on the top of the collar. This is not a fashion choice - it is a safety choice. That type of button is used to more thoroughly secure your shirt and to thus prevent it from unbuttoning from the top to bottom.

It's Called the "Watch Pocket" for a Reason

The small pocket within the larger pocket on your jeans is not there to hold condoms as many people believe. It is also not for holding coins. That pocket is called the "watch pocket" because it was used to hold the large pocket watches used by previous generations.

How to Properly Strikeout Words

When people try to hide certain words in a paper, they usually try to strike them out with as many lines as possible. This is not an optimal solution. The best way to hide words is to write over them with additional letters.

Expert Level Knot Untying

Many people try to untie a knot by pulling the loose end from under the knot. This is a very tedious and boring task. Luckily, there a method to quickly untie any knot. You just need to twist the loose end as much as possible and then push it through the loop.

How to Have Awesome-Looking Sweaters and Jackets

If your razor is starting to get dull, don't throw it out yet. There is one awesome reason you need to keep it - if you try to go over a woolen sweater or jacket with a razor, you will find that it easily removes all the pills from the surface.


Here is a very cool purpose for your phone's camera - take photos of your friends, alongside items that you have loaned to them. That way you won't forget loaning them the items, and you will have additional proof in case they "forget" burrowing the item.

Never Hold Your Beer by Its Body

This is not just about beers - it is useful for all types of glassed liquids. You should hold bottles by their thinner end - this was designed so that you transfer a lesser amount of heat to the liquid inside. The smaller the portion of the bottle you are holding, the less heat is transferred.



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