15 Texts That Show People 'Winning' At Relationships

Humor | By Gigi Cummings | October 30, 2017

If you're in a relationship, you want to know what magical skills you need to possess in order to be the best boyfriend/girlfriend ever. It may feel as if sometimes you can't do anything right, yet other times you don't even realize when you have done something to please the other person. While each relationship is unique and different so there is not really a list of rules that will ensure happiness for both people, you can look at this list of people who have done something right, cracked some secret code, and are living their happiest relationship goals.

Know What They Want

This couple understands each other on a much deeper level. Probably because they have learned how to read each other so well that they can anticipate what the other one is thinking before they say it. Also who doesn't want to build a fort with your significant other?

Have A Secret Code

When two people in a relationship take the time with each other to speak a kind of language that is all their own, they are creating a unique bond that is totally unshakeable. Here this couple clearly loves burgers so much that they use it as a scale of how much they mean to each other.

Spend Some Sleepy Time

A couple who is very strong will want to spend certain moments together and if they don't it will feel as if they are missing something. One of those moments is sleeping next to each other. This couple seem to have a really strong bond that they feel most happy when they lie together.

No Questions Asked, Period.

Men might not understand what its like to be a woman and have to go through the pain of having a period every month, but if your relationship is strong, a guy will do what he can to make his girl comfortable, and send time with her while she is bearing the annoyance of Aunt flow.

A Tasty Bribe

When you want your significant other to do something for you or because you asked, a good couple will understand the power of a love bribe. Some sort of bribe that will not only perk their attention but give them a little loving that will make their day better.

Love's A Compromise

You might not like a restaurant, or a movie, or a TV show, but your significant other does. People in a loving relationship will understand that compromising in order to give the other what they want, might not benefit you, but making them happy is your priority.

Love Is A Sandwich

Flattery sometimes always works when in a relationship, mostly because the person who is complimenting the other will end of getting what they want in the end and the one receiving the compliments has more ammo to use on the other person in the future.

Love And Acceptance

When in a relationship, you feel like you can be yourself completely because you have someone in your life who loves you exactly how you are. You don't have to worry about what you eat because the two of your can chow down on McDonalds and get fat together.

Love Is So Punny

A relationship that is strong, you have to maintain by giving each other constant reassurance. Sometimes just saying, "I love you" isn't enough and the two of you have to get creative. This couple took the time to get some puns going to let each other know how important they are.


You look online and see so many cute couples, taking adorable photos, doing all these fun little outings and sending each other cute texts that make you just swoon. While you want that for you and your boo, you love the take-out, TV life that the two of you have created together.

Song Of Love

You and your loved one are in constant communication. The two of you want to give each other a play by play of your entire days when you are not together and sometimes when you are together. This couple found a moment in their conversation to bust out into song.

Long Term Happiness

You want to reassure your significant other that you will do everything in your power to ensure their happiness for as long as possible. But even in the best relationships some things can't be promised. Like the state of our economy or if you are going to wine the lottery.

Thats So Cheesy

It is not a surprise that many relationships revolve around a love for food. This is true in so many ways because dining together is a bonding experience, and food is one of the most pleasurable things in the world. So comparing someone to a cheesy delicious treat is the ultimate compliment.

The Tease

When you and your significant other are chatting with each other, its fun to sometimes throw them off guard by not answering their question the way they want it to be answered, of course after a little teasing you hit them with something extra sweet to show them you care.

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