These Celebrities Without Makeup Prove They Look Just Regular People

Entertainment | By Gigi Cummings | October 29, 2017

All women are beautiful. We as a culture are learning to embrace beauty from every person, in every body, at every stage of life. Celebrities are no different. Yes they have glam squad teams who get them all super star ready for movie premiers and red carpets, but in the end they are just people like us. Strip away the makeup and look at them from a more personal lens and you will see they while they are still the beautiful celebrities we all know and love, they are human, just like we are. And we all radiate beauty from the inside out.

Liv Tyler

Live Tyler is known for her gorgeous lips, her famous rockstar father and her amazing talent as an actress. Here she is in a vulnerable photo with her child, breastfeeding, no make-up and completely gorgeous and smiling. What a true beauty and amazing mother!

Emilia Clarke

Most people know her as the almighty, powerful and stunningly gorgeous Daenerys Targaryen in the exceedingly popular television show Game Of Thrones. Here she is still that stunning beauty but simplified and stripped down to just a normal girl like all of us.

Lady Gaga

She is infamous for her out of this world costumes, make-up and performances. She is a true artist who also has real struggles. In her new documentary "Five Foot Two" this music queen candidly admits her struggles with fibromyalgia and shows us her beautiful heart.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese has been captivating our hearts in film for decades. She is America's sweetheart and looks stunning in any role and on any red carpet. But her candid photos will also show you that she has a real genuine side and she lets her authenticity shine through with no makeup photos.

Gal Gadot

She is the new face of powerful women everywhere. As the breakout star Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot is showing how strong and beautiful should always be used in the same sentence. Her natural beauty and stunning features are wow factor even without any makeup.

Emma Stone

Academy Award winning actress and all around funny beauty, Emma Stone, is one of those actresses that we admire for her individuality and her unique beauty. Here she is stripped down to her bare and beautiful features and we are falling in love all over again.


International music sensation Shakira has been shaking her booty for years and wowing us with chart topping hits and amazing dance moves. Her fit and fabulous body and ability to never age has made her an international icon. Just as stunning with no makeup as she is on stage.

Jennifer Aniston

The face of Aveno skincare, the timeless beauty that is Jennifer Aniston. We have been with her since her early days of friends, we have cut our hair when she did and we cried when her and Brad split up. She is the epitome of radiant beauty and is always flawless.

Zooey Deschanel

Here Zooey captures that perfect moment after you wake up when you are still half asleep and you are completely your real self. This funny girl, with her big beautiful blue eyes and quirky sense of hummus isn't afraid to show off her real sleepy self, and she is still gorgeous.

Emma Watson

A face and voice for a younger generation. Emma Watson is a role model for young girls everywhere. Her strong feminist stance, natural beauty and grace and her ability to be exactly who she is, makes her a stunning icon in this image obsessed world.

Drew Barrymore

One of the original queens of romantic comedies, Drew Barrymore has been one to always have her own style and not be afraid to show it off. Here she is mid workout showing off her glowing smile and no makeup look. A reminder that we all need to embrace our natural beauty.

Rebel Wilson

Funny girl Rebel Wilson, is the first to do anything that might be shocking to the media, she thrives on her difference and doesn't apologize for being herself. Here she is showing how tiring it is to constantly have to fly around the world, something we all know is usually done makeup free.

Helen Mirren

Age is just a number and beauty can transcend age and time. Helen Mirren has always been a class act, an amazing actress and a timeless beauty. Aging isn't something to escape but embrace with open arms because true beauty doesn't fade with time.

Alicia Keys

She is an enormously talented musical artist. She is also a strong feminist and proponent of the makeup-less beauty movement. She does not want to conform the standard beauty expectations and wants to be a voice in that movement for women everywhere.

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