15 Photos That Are Much More Than Just Perfectly Timed Pictures

Entertainment | By Charlie Blacks II | October 29, 2017

With the rise of modern-day technology, everyone has access to camera phones that allow us to capture the best, worst, and most random moments of our lives. While some overshare using their cameras via social media, others use their platforms for creativity and have produced some of the best-timed photos in existence. Some might not have been intentional and some were creating some crazy unforgettable moments. And now, we have an additional fifteen perfectly timed photos that will blow your mind. With no further ado, check them out for yourself.

The Great Cover Up

This is funny because we hardly ever see anyone reading newspapers anymore being that everyone is caught in the matrix of their phone screens. The title of the article is classically ironic and the word 'focus' at the top of the page isn't keeping us from staring either.

They Grow Up Fast, Don't They?

Whoever took this picture had to have been as freaked out as we were when we initially saw it. This looks like something out of some weird Italian grindhouse film. Then again, in the blink of an eye kids do grow and sprout like weeds.

Pesky Mosquito

If you think about it, statues should be used strictly for taking perfectly timed photos like this one. Can and would it be considered disrespectful to some? Of course. But do we really care? Not really. Sorry Jesus but, you've gotta be the butt end of some of these jokes too.


This guy clearly minding his own business, waiting for what looks like the subway or train doesn't realize that his nose is about to be violated by a giant. We have a feeling if he would have known that this was going to result in a viral image, he would have chosen somewhere else to wait.

Horn Dog Joe

Joe Biden has been caught several times doing some inappropriate things around/to the ladies and now that his eight-year stint as Vice President of the United States of America is over, these allegations are not as funny as they used to be. We all know what Joe was looking at here and this young lady is unknowledgeable about this guy's creepy ways. Yikes.

Pigeon Pie Anyone?

Pigeons are pretty much the rats of the sky and this one doesn't know he's about to be mincemeat. They eat any and everything and manage to be one of the most elusive and commonly known and seen animals in metropolitan cities and areas. Not to mention, have you ever seen a baby pigeon? Seriously... Think about it.

Hide N' Seek

Either this cat is extremely hungry and waiting to attempt to break into this bag of Meow Mix or this cat knew that its owner had their camera out ready to take another picture of him for Facebook and had enough. Unfortunately, the photo's official gone viral and the cat has turned into the bitter celebrity of its neighborhood.

Drunk Guy At The Party

Alright, have you ever attempted to throw a killer rager, only for things to take a turn for the worse as people put their cigarettes out on your carpet and pee in the sink? You know that process of kicking everyone out but, you come to find that one drunk guy passed out on your couch? Well, this is that guy.


Fish have to be insanely paranoid when humans come around. We have a feeling that our marine friends probably think we're aliens being that being submerged in water is not our natural habitats and what not. This little guy looks terrified as if he's being stalked by this diver and we don't blame 'em.


Ok, so if a lion with wings is called a griffin, a horse with wings is called a pegasus, a human torso and head in combination with the legs of a horse is a centaur, then what would a dog with wings be considered? A dogasus?

The Creepy Uncle

Alright, so we know that this guy is guilty of nothing at all but, this picture implies something terrible. We wouldn't be surprised if this guy got a visit from Child Protective Services not too long after this image picked up steam. Please people, don't be like R. Kelly and urinate on the youth.


First and foremost, we all can acknowledge the fact that it appears that this guy is riding this woman's back with a stern look as if he's heading west for the first time ever. But, from the looks of things this appears to be a harbor tour boat, what is he doing on this thing alone? Now, we actually kind of feel bad for the guy...

Cloud Farts

For all of you people out there that continuously hold in your farts, you could end like this guy, bent over at the top of a hill, pumping fart clouds out of your butt. This is no way to end up which is why we recommend you let the farts fly at will.

Watch Out For That Pole!

From the looks of this photo, it appears we have a visiting tourist on the left posing for a picture in front of some beautiful architecture but, this guy face planting into a pool on his bike is extremely distracting and he most likely broke his nose. Ouch.

God Bless The Queen

This is wrong on so many levels. The expression on the kid's face says it all while it appears that the veil/curtain is hiding the fact that what appears to be a prince receiving fellatio. Which isn't too far-fetched if you ask us. Kingdoms have this weird incestual dogma attached them that we will never understand and creeps us out.



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