Ariel Winter Retaliates Against Haters Criticizing Her Shorts

Entertainment | By Gigi Cummings | October 29, 2017

Ariel Winter, the beloved Modern Family star that we have watched grow up right before our eyes. Her nerdy, hot headed character on the show is full of witty comebacks and bulky sweaters. So whenever photographers seem to catch the 19 year old out in everyday life, people can't help but comment that she is much different than her onscreen character. Winter might still seem like the little girl who makes us laugh in television, but she has developed into a very sexy and curvy young woman. Haters might makes comments that her clothing is too revealing, but Winter is not afraid to clap back.

Where It All Began

Winter got her first acting gig at the age of 4 years old in a cool whip commercial, but she landed the role of her career when she was just 11 years old as smart and sassy Alex Dunphy in ABC's Emmy award winning show, Modern Family. At 11, Winters was just a young girl.

Growing Up Before Our Eyes

Ariel Winter started working on Modern Family when she was just 11 years old and the show has been on air for the past 8 successful years. We watched Winters go through her whole teenage years and she really blossomed into a beautiful young woman.

Controversial Curves

The world is used to seeing Winter as this young and modest teenager on a very family friendly show, so it was a shock to the world to watch this evolving teenager come out from behind the curtains as this absolutely curvaceous sexy bombshell, many viewers were shook.

Public Outcry

Being that the world has watched Winters grow up on their screens for all to see, fans felt like that should have a say in who Winters was in her everyday life. People criticized Winters for wearing too revealing and sexy clothing and scolded her for not being her modest TV self.

A Mothers Orders

Even Winters mother, who she has been estranged with since she was young, found that she needed to voice her opinion to the media to let her daughter know that she should "have some class" when it comes to her wardrobe choices and her appearance.

A Girls Self Doubt

Rumors began to fly that Ariel Winters was going through plastic surgery to turn herself into this playboy bunny plastic sexual icon. While simultaneously rumors were running ramped that she was going to get a breast reduction and lose weight in order to "fit in" with her cast mates.

Body Positive Movement

Ariel Winters has become a string voice in Hollywood for body positivity and body acceptance. She does not apologize for the way she looks or how curvaceous she naturally is. She does not apologize about her wardrobe choices or who she is growing up to be.

Celebrity Support

Many celebrities have chosen to support Winter in her changing and growing into the young adult she wants to be. They scold the viewers and the media for taking away a young womans rights to love the body she is given and they applaud Winters for being herself.

Hollywood Pressures

There are so many pressures in Hollywood for young celebrities to fit into a particular mold when they begin to grow up. Many young stars lose sight of themselves and get caught up in fame, falling prey to drugs and eating disorders, but Winters has fought against that norm and embraced herself.

Loving Role Models

Ariel Winters has been lucky to be cast on a show with so many amazing and loving female role models. Sarah Hyland, Julie Bowen and Sophia Vergara made sure that while Winters was blossoming in front of our eyes that she maintained her own identity.

Body Shame

It is not uncommon for the media to body shame beautiful and perfectly normal celebrity women. Winters has been the subject of a lot of body shaming from the media and fans, but she never let that get her down, she always replied to the accusations with a lot of love for herself and her body.

Fashion Fabulous

Winters loves that she is known for her revealing and sexually stunning clothing choices. She likes to flaunt her curves and hopes that her decision to show off her body and be proud of it, will translate to other women who may be feeling self conscious for who they are.

A Summer Outfit To Remember

Recently Winters went out with friends for a night on the town. She was photographed in little black cut off shorts, a lacy bralett and knee high boots. The media went wild saying that her clothing was too revealing and that she shouldn't be wearing that in public.

Winters Claps Back

She went to twitter to go on a rant about her clothing criticism. She said that everyone needs to relax because its "summer" and she was just wearing shorts. She then goes on to say that she is not "a whore" because she was photographed with her friends wearing black shorts.

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