15 Horrible Accessories That Only Girls Of The 90's Will Remember

Humor | By Charlie Blacks II | October 28, 2017

The '90s was a great time to be growing up as a youth. From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Nerf Guns to the Walkman to the simplicity of kids actually going outside to play hide n' seek or jump rope with friends. The youth that grew up in the '90s were the last of their kind and teetered on the brink of technological advancements and the old school way of doing things. Which is why we're here today to discuss these fifteen horrible accessories that only girls from the '90s will remember. With no further ado, check them out for yourself below.

The Classic Spider Stretch Comb Headband

These bad boys bring back a sense of nostalgia for anyone who grew up in the '90s really. If your hair was too thick these joints weren't effective at all and don't expect to have them for too long because they were bound to break after a couple of wears.

Holographic Clothing

Holographic/iridescent clothing is slowly but, surely making a comeback but, not to the extent of what it once was in the '90s. Not only could see a young lady wearing one of these fits from down the street, it seemed oddly uncomfortable and hot to wear for any occasion. We're glad we left this back in the '90s.

These Portraits

Growing up in the '90s, if you went over to a friend's house for the first time you could expect to see a portrait of said friend in the oversized, flower-decorated hat complete with additional flower decorations for added effect. Was it overkill? Of course, do we regret these memories? Hell to the naw.

Stick-On Earrings

Whoever invented the one and done earrings for young girls is a genius. Not only was it a cash cow for the inventors, the fact that parents didn't have to pay for piercings and the fact these bad boys would disappear quicker than hotcakes was a win-win. They were cheesy but, the chicks had 'em.

Socks With Frills

Sheesh, we're so glad that this isn't a thing anymore. We found socks with frills acceptable for the youth and toddlers but, there was always that one girl who would show up to the house party with these frilly socks. Socks with additional material just aren't the wave in our humble opinion.

The See-Through Plastic Backpack

These would be ideal if you were in a rush and headed to the airport but, during the '90s this a trend that many of young ladies participated in. We're still not sure why or how these got popular but, they were. Plus, would you really want people looking at your possessions all day. These would be useless when sneaking snacks into a movie theater.

Butterfly Hair Clips

On every block, you find a girl with a butterfly hair clip holding her hair to one side of her face. You could also find the girl who's overly obsessed with these as well and used one too many. The only sh*tty thing about them was they'd get glitter in your hair and all over your face.

The Rubber Pencil

Since the iPhone had yet been invented, kids had to find a way to entertain themselves somehow while in class and the rubber pencil was one of those many ways. Were they effective writing tools? Not so much, but at least you were the cool girl in school that had nifty school supplies.

Assorted Bandanas

During the '90s, it seemed like every girl would have at least a couple of different colored bandanas in order to hold their hair back in the midst of housework or just hanging out with friends. Unfortunately, the bloods and the crips took these bad boys over and the trend quickly died down.

The Vintage '90s Sweatsuit

Surprisingly, the vintage '90s sweatsuit is making a major comeback in a serious way and we're still not sure how we feel about that but, we do know you'd be able to hear someone who was wearing one of these from around the corner. Also, the color palette choices for these joints weren't all that great either.


Yet another '90s fashion installment that is rearing its head in today's world of fashion is overalls. If you had a pair of overalls expect for the compliments to fly in your direction but, if you had a decorative pair of overalls you were considered a goddess on campus.

Scented Eraser Lipstick

Luckily, a lot of parents back in the '90s had enough sense to not let their youth dress outside of their age range which is what made these scented lipstick erasers all the rage. The only downfall is that they were a little too tempting to taste and sometimes things would get weird.


If you didn't own a pair of translucent rubber sandals or slippers you were a nobody. It's a harsh reality but, it's the truth. These were so popular in the '90s amongst the young ladies that you couldn't go anywhere without spotting at least three pairs. They did smell funny during the summer months though.

The Choker Necklace

At one point in time, we thought these never see the light of day again but, the choker necklace of the '90s had made a huge comeback. We remember these popping up all over the place and breaking with ease as well. Not a problem though because every store in town had them in stock.

Plastic Pacifiers

These were hilarious being that they became a trend and many people didn't know that they came from the gay drug using culture involving the party drug, ecstasy. For some reason, young ladies across the country ended up wearing these pacifiers around their neck without knowledge of their origin.

The '90s were some great times.



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