15 Ways Life Changes After Moving in With Your Partner

Lifestyle | By Michael Leon | October 28, 2017

Moving in with a partner always brings a mixture of nervousness and excitement. For one thing, you get to do everything you enjoy together. Why travel an hour hour to see your significant other? Why keep wishing they were next to you at any given time? On the other hand, sadly, living together has its own horror stories that can potentially damage your lifestyle forever. Let's look at 15 things that will totally change once you move in with that so-called loved one.

Sleeping Habits Change

If you enjoy sleeping in without a care in the world, chances are you're outta luck. You guys won't always be in sync, and your partner will sometimes want to do things together at sunrise. Otherwise, you'll still wake up thanks to all the noise taking place in the room.

No Privacy

Privacy is a huge concern, but it's a compromise we all have to endure when living with someone else. Your significant other will want to do much more together even when you're enjoying something specifically with certain friends. Other times you won't find a place to be alone with your thoughts, unless you count a bathroom break.

Eating Habits Shift

Your eating habits can change either positively or negatively. Your partner may teach you to eat healthily and you'll enjoy a good, home-cooked meal every day. On the other hand, you may end up consuming crap you didn't even know existed and watch those pounds quickly add up.

Dates Are Less Exciting

Speaking of food, your dates will probably see a gradual change from the norm. Dinner dates will sometimes consist of McDonald's, while some other events may seem more trivial in general. This could be for any reason, though, as you could simply be saving up for a much better experience later on.

Sex May or May Not Happen

This is another thing that may improve or worsen. Perhaps you two will enjoy sex even more once living together (get freaky on the stairs!) or maybe you two will get too used to one another. This all depends on your chemistry level as you spend 24 hours together.

Their Flaws Become Annoying

Most people are able to cope with their partner's quirks, especially when they just met. Would you put up with those flaws everyday while living together, though? That remains to be seen. This is typically when the arguments start, so learn to embrace these shortcomings before they get the best of you.

You See their True Colors

Did you see your significant other as a perfect human being before? Well, now they will let their guard down because they've already impressed you. Once someone gets used to you, expect a whole lot more nasty behavior (farting, not showering, picking noses) and you have no choice but to deal with it.

Gifting Becomes Trickier

Living together allows you to know one another more intimately, making you realize he or she may already own too much. Maybe you notice how they don't enjoy something as much as before. This makes surprising your significant other much more difficult, especially when all you can think of is yet another tie to match his work clothes.

They Want to Watch Everything Together

Do you really enjoy watching that TV show on a certain night and time? While we now have multiple sources for television streaming, your partner may either watch it with you (at all times) or routinely complain about how crappy the show is. Either way, this is definitely something that requires adjusting to.

Your Lingo Evolves

Have you ever caught yourself saying things only you and your partner would understand? This often includes inside jokes due to something funny that happened in privacy. Be sure to remember your friends weren't there, so they will probably feel more weirded out than amused.

You Fight Over Little Things

This is almost a given, as it simply cannot be avoided when living together. She will fight you for not picking up the room more often, and you will be pissed at her for not leaving the remote within reaching distance. The list of trivial things will only keep adding up over time.

Too Close for Comfort

Living together also brings about another privacy-related surprise: Knowing each other too damn well. You know when she's in a bad mood as much as she knows which little habits you practice. This can either lead to a great relationship, or it can destroy it depending on what you find out over time (if the other has a serial killer background, for example).

Decision-Making is More Meticulous

Most of your everyday choices are somewhat easier when there's no one else to take into account. But living together can really throw a wrench on your plans. Wish to get that big screen TV? Wait, you have to first consult with the partner, since there may be other, more important things. The list goes on and on.

Your Lives Merge

Living with your loved one is a lot like marriage. Whereas you were a bit selfish before, now every problem and situation is normally handled together. You can choose to ignore their issues all you want, but there's no guarantee you'll be able to sleep sound at night.

She Will Likely Wear the Pants

Sorry to say this, guys, but chances are the girl will dictate how you conduct all of the above. From shopping around to the very way of life you enjoy, she will likely be there to shape you in her image as much as possible. Ladies, that means you need to be ready to train a man-child for life.



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