Woman Puts Up Billboard Of Husband's Mistress, It Goes Viral

Entertainment | By Charlie Blacks II | October 28, 2017

Infidelity is the cause of a lot of heartbreak throughout relationships not just in the good old US of A but, around the world. When an individual is met with that kind of pain, disappointment, and desperation anything can happen, from revenge porn to violence to even the use of deadly force. Luckily, this particular tale about infidelity didn't go that far between a man, a government employee, and a scorned wife who just so happen to have the means to humiliate her husband and his mistress beyond belief. Check it out for yourself.


Infidelity is running rampant throughout society and with multiple avenues to connect people, it's getting harder and harder for cheaters to prosper. Personally, we've always thought if you're tempted to cheat you might as well stay single. But for some reason, this basic logic doesn't apply to many and folks want to have their cake and eat it too.

Oaxaca, Mexico

For those of you unaware of the sovereign state of Oaxaca, Mexico, it is one of thirty-one states within the country and just so happens to be located in the southwestern part of Mexico with a large bordering beach to the Pacific Ocean.

Oaxaca, Mexico Pt. II

Oaxaca, Mexico just so happens to be one of the most culturally rich states in Mexico and is home to thousands of indigenous people, holds archaeological landmarks such as Mitla and Monte Alban, and also happens to be one of the most biologically diverse states in Mexico as well. And this is where this story of infidelity begins.

Gladys Gris González

Alright, so at center stage is this young lady Ms. Gladys Gris González. An attractive young woman climbing the corporate, well, in this case, the government employee ladder in order to help her home state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Unfortunately, her relations with a married man will be the cause of her humiliation.


If any of you guys are like us, and your Spanish happens to be a little rusty the header of the billboard that went viral reads 'Zorra!' which roughly translates to words like 'b*tch', 'sl*t', or a dirty woman, someone who's easily coerced to sleep with you. Eh, we think you guys get the point...

The Billboard

The billboard itself displays an image of Gladys Gris González, her full name, workplace, Facebook information, and a list of hashtags that allowed the billboard to become national news, well international news now, as she was outed for sleeping with another woman's husband.

Scorned Wife

Instead of bashing her husband's car windows in or setting his possessions on fire like a normal psychopath, the scorned wife instead used her head and had this billboard produced. Supposedly, she came from a wealthy family and has the means to pull off this now viral stunt.

Scorned Wife Pt. II

Oh, let us not forget that not only did the wife of the cheating husband, come up with the scheme to erect this billboard, she immediately took custody of their children, placed the home in her name as the sole owner, and hired the best lawyers in Mexico to proceed with finalizing her divorce. Yikes.

The Gender Pay Gap

Just like the United States, Mexico also has a major gender pay gap that a lot of citizens are beginning to and have been addressing over the past couple of decades. But, according to Oaxacan News Portal, it was brought up that Gonzalez earns 22 thousand pesos a month and a bonus of 15 thousand pesos and questioned as to why she makes so much money.

To The Rescue

Regardless if Gladys Gris Gonzalez was in the wrong or not for being at the root of her husband's infidelity, she also has the right to be protected and Mexico doesn't play when it comes to their women. Which is why the Oaxacan Women's Secretariat called for the billboard to be removed immediately.

The Oaxacan Women's Secretariat

The Oaxacan Women's Secretariat not only was a force in helping to get the billboard removed from public sight but, they also came to the aide of Gladys Gris Gonzalez in regards to helping her with legal representation and fees and called publicly shamed the billboard and its producers for its offensive content.

The Oaxacan Women's Secretariat Pt. II

The Oaxacan Women's Secretariat was originally founded just last year in 2016 and is a federal government funded program that serves 260,000 citizens of Oaxacan citizens in any way, shape, or form they can with efficiency and transparency. Sounds like a just and noble cause if you ask us.

Public Humiliation

Can you imagine having your image hoisted atop a city on a billboard for all to see with someone calling you a sl*t/b*tch in bold red text? Gladys Gris Gonzalez might have been in the wrong for sleeping with a married man but, this type of public humiliation can possibly ruin someone's life.

Nowhere To Be Found

Soon after the billboard was hoisted, picked up steam, became the talk around town, reached local media, the national media, and then went viral Gladys Gris Gonzalez became somewhat a ghostly shell of herself. Gonzalez deleted her social media profiles and went into hiding after becoming a viral sensation.

Victim Vs. Oppressor

With all that being said, we have one question to ask you guys. Did Gladys Gris Gonzalez become the victim in this situation? Of course, she should have never gone down the path of sleeping with another woman's husband but, did she deserve for her relations to be put on display like this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.



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