What Every Couple Should To To Make Their Relationship Last Long

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | October 28, 2017

Every couple can tell you their different secrets to making their relationship long lasting. Some focus on maintaining healthy separate lives, some will tell you that consistent sex is key, while others focus on growing together and individually is the secret to long lasting happiness. While each relationship is unique and has their own set of rules and goals. There are some basic things that every relationship can be sure and do in order to continue to be on a path of a healthy and long lasting love. Here are some of these things.

Compliment Each Other

it is important for you two to remind each other that you have a constant adoration for who they are as a person. The more you two get in a habit of genuinely complementing each other, the better you both will feel about your own selves and each other.

Do Weird Things Together

Maintaining a playful nature in your relationship will help alleviate any of the sets of frustrations that can come about in a long term relationship. The more fun and lighthearted you two are with each other the easier you can handle the hard stuff together as well. Embrace your silliness.

Talk About Sex

Make sure the two of you have a healthy and open flow of communication when it comes to discussing sex with each other. The more open you are about your wants and needs the less likely either of you will feel a lacking in that aspect of your relationship.

Flirt Often

Just because the two of you are in a long term relationship and you both know each other super well. Doesn't mean you two can't still flirt. Fire up the sexual tension by flirting like two people who just met each other for the first time. This will keep the sparks alive for years to come.

Kiss Often

Even just hello and goodbye kisses will make all the difference in a relationship. Make sure that you two don't go a day without kissing and when you both do, be into it, don't let it be an afterthought, keep the intention in your smooches and you two will never doubt your love for each other.

Go On A Double Date

Spending time with other couples will help you two bond and interact with other people who are in the same boat as you. When you two do an activity with another couple you both get to spend time together and enjoy the company of others, strengthening your bond.

Cuddle At Night

Being together in bed is the most important moments together as a couple. Every night make a point to cuddle and snuggle to really bring you two together. You want to end your days knowing that you two are in it together and that you have each others backs.

Don't Hold Grudges

The longer that the two of you hold onto your frustrations with each other the harder it is for you two to makeup. Address the issues right away and then let it go, once you release your grudges you can let love back into your relationship and keep things long lasting.

Physical Touch Throughout The Day

Not all physical touch has to lead to sex. When the two of you are going about your day together, continue to kiss and cuddle and hold hands to reassure each other that you are what is important in that moment. Physical touch is the most reassuring thing in a healthy relationship.

Scheduling Time Together

Everyone has a hectic life, and sometimes things can get so busy that you realize you haven't even made time to spend with your loved one. Don't let your busy life get in the way of your relationship. Schedule time together, even if its just an afternoon nap and keep the bond strong.

Celebrate Special Dates

It may feel a bit cheesy to celebrate more dates than just your anniversary but having fun little dates that you celebrate on a yearly basis can really help to keep your bond strong. Make these little celebrations fun and exciting and watch your love grow with each passing year.

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

The more understanding and compassionate you are to one another in the relationship the less likely you two will argue and the happier you both will be in the long run. Don't sweat the small things and watch how you learn to love your partner for exactly who they are.

Think Of Their Needs First

If both of you are thinking about each others needs before your own than you both will be on a good balance of give and take in the relationship. No one will feel like they are lacking in feeling loved because you both are putting each others needs first.

Take Care Of Yourself

If you love someone, you want them to see them continue to be the best version of themselves as possible. In a long term relationship people tend to let themselves go because they are comfortable. Don't allow that to happen, continuously take care of yourself and your love will be taken care of too.

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