15 Things Women Need To Explain To Men Because They Just Don't Understand

Humor | By Gigi Cummings | October 28, 2017

Men often sit perplexed by a woman's world and the things she does in it. Often times they just don't make any comment about it, but there are some things that if they could magically go into a woman's mind they would seek the answers to. Men want to understand women but they just don't know where to start. So they often stick with the most important things and just ditch the rest and hope they don't do anything to screw up the relationship. Here is a list of the top questions men want answers to but are too afraid to ask.

Little Clothing Tags Everywhere

A guy walks into a girls house and on every counter and night stand he will find these little clothing tags just strewn about. If she keeping them for some reason? Why are there so many collecting around? The answer is simple, after a bit shopping splurge and trying on the new clothes the tags get tossed aside and forgotten.

Why Women Wear Their Hair Tied Up

Guys love women's long beautiful hair, so they just don't understand why women put in a bunch of effort to keep their hair tied up in a tight little ponytail all day long. It seems painful. But what man don't get is how annoying having long hair can be and sometimes you just want it out of your face.

Beauty Tool Confusion

Looking into a woman's makeup kit is like looking into a surgeons tool tray. It doesn't really make sense and guys don't know what everything is for. But women need each tool and item in order to complete those flawless makeup looks you always compliment on.

Whats All The Fuss About An Egg

It's been going around the internet, this weird foam egg and it has men baffled. What on earth are women using this for? Well men, this is called a beauty blender and it is used to apply foundation on our face in a way that makes us look like models, so don't give us a hard time about it.

The Sunglasses Struggle

Women always seemed concerned that their sunglasses are going to get caught in their hair, why does it do that? Well women can't help but put their sunglasses on top of their head when they are indoors, its convenient and cute, they just have to be carefult hit hair doesn't get stuck.

The Wet Nail Dilemma

Guys just don't understand how a girl can function for the couple hours post getting their nails done. And women would like men to understand that in order to get the most out of their $30 manicure they have to be careful and make sure their nail polish sets and dries.

Always Asymmetrical

Men will watch women do their makeup and get extremely frustrated that the right eye doesn't look the same as the left. Because of our dominate hands we have a hard time making both makeup sides even and girls practice relentlessly to achieve a symmetrical look.

Makeup Lingo

Women seem to have their own language when talking about makeup and beauty and fashion. Men will sit there and nod in agreement but often don't know what any of it means. Take notes and google the words later, or get a tutor to help you understand the language of ladies.

So Many Tags

Men might not understand the frustration of buying something new and having to deal with all of the tags. Especially on new underwear, why are there so many? Not sure but you better believe a girl has her scissors ready to remove those things right away.

Makeup Is Art

Men think women look amazing without makeup, so they don't really understand all of the effort that goes behind creating the perfect makeup look. When a women comes back from the store with stripes on their hand, it means they are collecting paint like an artist would for their palette.

An Artists Studio

Men have to start thinking about a woman's bathroom less like it is a place to shower and pee but more like an artist studio with the canvas being our face. You think we wake up looking so perfect and flawless? It takes time and dedication and sweat and tears.

A Collection Of Bobby Pins

Another little artifact that you might find around a woman's house are hundreds of these little bobby pins. Women seem to discard them everywhere yet can never find them when they need them. For most women they are the most sought after hair item and yet the thing that is easily tossed aside.

Women Have High Expectations Of Other Women

When a girl sees her guy talking to another girl who is breaking a very important fashion rule, she automatically gets more mad than if a guy was talking to a really stylish girl. This is because women take these style rules very seriously and like to follow them religiously.

The Complexities Of Shampoo

Men buy shampoo because it will wash their hair, bonus points if the shampoo will also be a conditioner and wash their body. Women need complex shampoo that will keep their beautiful prized hair in tip top shape, because growing out and perfecting your hair for years takes attention to detail.

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