Partners Who Fart In Front Of Each Other Are Likely To Have a Long Relationship

Lifestyle | By Emily Malone | October 27, 2017

Being in a couple should be one of the happiest most comfortable parts of life. Trying to figure out what makes them work the best over the long term is hard. Some people think that you always have to be presenting your best face to your partner, but realistically if you are going to be with someone for a long period of time you should be comfortable showing your real self around them.

All Consuming Relationships

Everyone has had relationships that are so passionate and all consuming that they take up all of your time and energy. But these crazy passionate relationships are not always the best most healthy ones because sometimes you can get so caught up in the excitement that you aren't yourself.

Trying To Get To The Point Where You're Comfortable

Once the excitement of a new whirlwind relationship dies down the next jump that any couple has to take is to get comfortable with each others more unusual quirks. Each person is completely unique and no partner will behave just like your last one so you rarely know what to expect.

There Are Always Stages To Getting There

Getting comfortable doesn't happen all at one time, it's usually a pretty long process that happens over months. It isn't just cuddling in comfortable, but maybe not the most flattering, sweatpants and actually eating in front of each other there is a lot more to get used to.

One Of The Biggest Taboos

Of all of the things that people have a hard time doing in front of their partners farting is one of the most common ones. Actually it is not just your partner that most people have a hard time farting in front of, farting publicly in general is actually considered quite taboo.

It Is Only Natural

Whether or not you like to admit it or feel comfortable doing it around people, farting is a natural part of life. When eating foods your stomach is not used to it can produce gas that builds up and it has to get out of your system some way. Everyone does it so why freak out about it?

You Can Laugh About It

Honestly one type of humor that we never really get past is potty humor. Immature? Yes. Funny? Also yes. Sometimes when you accidentally let one rip in front of your partner it can actually be quite funny. Try to choose your moments but if it happens let it go and if you can let it go.

Not Exactly A Romantic Gesture

Yes it is true that farting in front of your partner is not romantic by any definition of the word. But if you think about it part of a romantic relationship is loving your partner as is, is actually a very romantic notion. To have someone who loves you as you are no matter what.

Try Not To Take It Too Far

Once you get used to the idea of farting around your partner it become something you might overdo a bit. It can feel good to let it all out after you have been holding things in a bit but even if your partner is okay with it you don't want to overwhelm them or be inconsiderate.

Can It Actually Be Good For Your Relationship?

Leah Decesare, the author of "Naked Parenting", is a strong advocate of doing things that are considered unpleasant by many in front of your partner. She has found that people who are more comfortable around each other are more likely to stay in a long term relationship.

Makes You Even More Comfortable Together

So how does farting fall into Decesare's findings, you may ask? Well it turns out that farting is one of the last things that most couples feel comfortable doing in front of each other. You have to trust the person you are with to know that they won't over react over a little fart.

Over The Long Term That Means A Lot

Obviously farting is a silly marker for the comfort level in a relationship. This is just one way to draw your attention to the importance of comfort in a relationship. When you are looking at the long term by the end you will have spent years around someone and will have seen all of someone's ups and downs.

It Helps You Get More Comfortable With The Other Things

What getting comfortable with little things helps you get ready for is the much bigger things that happen in a relationship. There will almost be certainly moments where one of you, or both of you, will get sick and that is far more gross than a fart, but you need your partner to be there for you.

There Are Other Silly Bodily Function Markers

There are almost countless other things that make just as good of relationship comfort markers as farting around your partner. Some of the most common of these are things like burping in front of your partner or going to the bathroom with the restroom door open while your partner is home.

Really It Is Coming Full Circle

If you think about it another way you eat with your partner and food is usually what causes gas that causes you to fart. So if you do the cause with your partner you might as well let the result loose around them.

Besides, Holding In Farts Is Bad For You

If you STILL need another argument to convince you to just get comfortable farting around your partner. The last thing we have to convince you is that it is actually quite bad for you to hold in your farts. They are trying to escape your body for a reason because you should not be holding in that much gas.



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