This Woman Is The Highest Paid Model In The World

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 27, 2017

It is difficult to complex the word beautiful. Everyone has different perspectives of the word and it is hence indeed very difficult to decipher which one is real. Considering everyone's subjective views towards beauty, we do know that beauty standards differ person to person. But, we do have a breakthrough model every now and then that challenges the standards of beauty and causes a huge impact. The latest breakthrough model to have made the mark is Lola Chuil.

Her Instagram

16 year old Lola Chuil hit the news recently with her unparalleled beauty and amazed a lot of viewers. Lola, who is from New York, got famous through her Instagram titled 'The Black Hannah Montana'. Her instagram has many photos of her looking really good.


While her Instagram has numerous photos of her looking great and rocking her beauty, she also has a lot of beautiful messages. Her insta is full of empowered messages that have motivated many to achieve a lot more than what they are currently doing.

The Black Barbie

Many have complimented her on her ethereal beauty, but the best compliment she has received is that of the 'Black Barbie'. People like how her looks blend in with her skin tone and have hence compared her with the gold standards for beauty.

She Was Bullied

Lola recalls in her instagram how she was subject to much bullying in her past and how it played a role in bringing out the best in her. She recalls in a post how boys would ridicule her for her looks and would make fun of her skin.

More than 525,000 followers

Lola Chuil's amazing journey to the top and her amazing Instagram has motivated many people into accepting their bodies. Lola now has more than 525,000 followers on her Insta and continues to enthrall viewers who cannot get enough of her.

Some Photos of Her

Lola's uncanny resemblance to Barbie has been the topic of much debate and has infused interest from all corners. We will be sharing pictures of this teenage beauty to let you be the judge and decide whether she has it in her to be the next best thing.

With a White Friend

Lola looks adorable in this photo with a white friend. Her hair falls perfectly over her face and the complexion of her eyes looks amazing on her face. There is no doubt that she has the model instincts in her.

This Selfie

Lola has posted numerous selfies on her social media handle. All these photos have garnered numerous responses from people motivated through her story and the innocence in her beauty. This selfie over here is just a peek into her life.

Eating Out

Her posing skills are clearly visible in this photo of her in a food outlet. Most people look awkward and out of place when they are eating, but Lola looks like a true model and has the right expression on her face to complement the sub.

Rocking the Cap

Only few a teenage girls know how to perfectly fit a cap on their head without overshadowing their locks. Lola is definitely part of that elite group as she has achieved the perfect combination of hair and cap that cannot be achieved without proper skills.


Lola's resemblance with Barbie and her title as the Black Barbie is clearly visible in this photo. The clarity of her skin and the eyes really resemble that of Barbie's and it is quite clear that she has a great future in modeling.

Rocking the Hijab

Women especially teenagers tend to shy away from the hijab because it ends up spoiling their overall look. But Lola here posted a picture looking extremely cute with a hijab on. Style really matters here. With her eyes on the camera, she really is making a statement.

She Knows How to Pose

One thing you cannot deny about Lola is that she really knows how to pose. Although, the dress here really complements her skin tone, but it is her ability to strike up the perfect pose that makes this photo really brilliant.

Seals the Deal

This photo of her seals the deal regarding her future as a model. A model needs to be diverse and needs to accept her as she is. Lola is doing just that. She wears a diverse set of clothing that looks great on her. This last photo of her is the ribbon on the seal.

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