15 Photos of The Largest Dogs On Planet Earth

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 27, 2017

Dogs truly are a man's best friend as well as being the greatest gifts to mankind. There's no way that these fluffy puppers can make you feel anything but happiness after you get them. You know how you walk in through the door only to be greeted by a load of kisses and hugs? That's just the thing that makes you wonder what you did to deserve such sweet creatures.

Not so tiny anymore

You always expect your sweet little puppies to remain tiny bundles of joys but before you know it, they're growing up and soon they become twice their original size! You never really know how big a dog can get until they start growing. Here are a few that'll surprise you:

That's a giant furball!

Giant dogs are the best but what would you do when your puppy becomes a giant ball or meat and fur running around the house? That's 150 kilos of pure goodness and that is absolutely perfect! It's a little difficult to take care of but they're still great.

This beast is a puppy by heart

This is one of the biggest dogs there are and have been well maintained as well. This may be a spectacular animal but he has his own eating habits. Mainly that of unclaimed human bodies which eventually end up in his mouth.

Because only a baby can control this giant

Some people think it's unsafe, however, there's nothing that can get safer than this. Big dogs may look giant and dangerous but they're just a bunch of sweets at heart. If your baby wants to walk this massive animal, they can do it without hesitation.

Protection done right

Some people tend get big dogs when they want provide better protection and security. This dog is for the same purpose except this malicious creature will be sure to rip anyone who comes close to you. It's time to say goodbye to the troublemakers!

You're not a lapdog anymore!

No matter how big the dogs can get. But no matter their external features, these dogs will still believe they fit into the mother's lap as well and sometimes become the ideal pets. Just goes to show you, no matter how big you get, you can always never be too sure about the best:

Grandmas and their tiny dogs

It's so cute when people are out taking their dogs for a walk but what happens when the giant of the family comes out to join the party? Well, all heads turn your way, people tend to fear you while your sweet pupper does nothing but enjoy the day out.

The sincere hugs

The best part about owning giant dogs are the hugs. Omg these adorable things are excellent huggers and tend to give the most therapeutic hug there is. After all, there has to be some benefit from maintaining a giant puppy and this tops it all off!

Another great hug

They get difficult to cuddle with since they are unable to fit on your lap, however, that just means their hugs are the best hugs there is. Try it out, this beautiful dog with honey coated envelop will love nothing more than cuddle with you and take your stress away.

Talk about a gorgeous mane!

This hairy beast costs around 1.5 million dollars and it actually looks absolutely beautiful. Remember when Simba from Lion King jumps into the water? Well, this is just like that except the dog is much tinier than this.

Show me whose boss!

Talk about being intimidating! This dog is the boss and he knows it. You can see the power and authority it holds in the way it owns its owner. He's the boss and he knows it even though he may be quite adorable as well!

So cute, so cuddly!

No matter how big they get, these fluffy giant puppies are the epitome of cuteness and they know it. No wonder they're so spoilt! They expect to be loved and cuddled at all times no matter what and you can tell by the way this pupper acts.

Not to mention being spoilt!

Yeah, they're pretty spoilt as well. As big as they are, they expect to be loved the same way and you know what this leads to? A giant, spoilt puppy always throwing tantrums! Like this guy who doesn't really like what's on TV.

Again with the photos!

So basically, they're spoilt and adorable and they look quite dangerous even though they just want to play. Yep, that's giant dogs for you! These adorable little things will make their way to bright up your life in no time.

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