15 Construction Guys Who Failed To Consider The Laws of Physics

Humor | By Cole Damon | October 27, 2017

Working with buildings often requires a lot of skill and brain power which is why you often see architects and masons ripping the hair off their heads. While it's often true when they say, there's story behind every building that is constructed from the ground up, looking at these examples really makes you wonder if it's actually true. I'm sure these geniuses had something in their mind before they constructed these, but it's really difficult to know what exactly that was...

Umm... I think you missed the point

This particular person must have been in quite a hurry to get the job done because they completely missed out on making an area for the wheelchairs. Either that or they have something against handicapped people. But let's stick to the former explanation for comfort.

Making sidewalks fun again!

Even if it was for someone who likes to have a little fun on their walks and decide to slide, this isn't going to help with that either! Whoever was in charge of this was either very high or very confused, both of which is a little unsettling.

I mean, it is three stories!

If you live in a poor community and you're adamant on building your own house that's three stories tall, you absolutely can! There's no one who can tell you otherwise and this building just proved that dreams? They actually do come true. They may be quite thin and uncomfortable but they come true!

"Ohana" means family and family means there's no privacy!

You know how you have to go real bad, but the bathroom is occupied so you can't help but curse at the one bathroom? This genius must have faced that problem a lot because this solution is something that doesn't normally drop from the sky!

Watch your step!

You have to hand it to these people, they were so concerned with the safety of the balcony that they placed rails to prevent a nasty fall. There's one problem though, you won't be able to prevent a fall because it's missing one very important feature...

There must be some mistake

You can't blame new architects when there's any problem with the building but in this case, you really have to. Also blame the construction worker because this isn't something that you can simply miss out on. Guess they weren't paid too well!

Tires all the way!

Houses are strongest when they have a very strong foundation. That's when you know it's made right and you can live peacefully but what happens when your mason goes full retard? Well, since there's really no easy way to describe it, you can see for yourself...

The future is now!

If your home has a garage that's grounded to the road then you really need to step up your game! It's time to flaunt out your big bucks and show people just how much you have by purchasing one of the flying cars. That's what this is for!

The genius of construction

You have to hand it to these people; at least they placed doors in it, that's not something you would expect from a construction in a poor community. However, there's still a little bit of confusion as to how this works though.

You shall not pass!

Remember how Gandalf famously screams out "you shall not pass" while heroically standing before Belrog - the pit demon? Well, this is much like the same thing except... there's no Belrog or Gandalf, just a few poles clearly very much out of place.

Finally! A stairwell for ghosts!

It's very insensitive how ghosts always get neglected in buildings. They also need to be felt like they exist and this generous soul finally did it. What made him do such a kind gesture we'll never know but his services are being applauded by the ghost community today.

Walk in my footsteps

Taking inspiration from the previous guy, this one did the same exact thing, only better! You'd think that one stairwell was enough recognition, but it's heartwarming to know that there are more people like this guy in this world.

No comments...

There's really nothing to say about this because these masons are getting a little out of hand. What's truly going through the mind is "how" and "why"? There's often logic behind it like the previous two ghost masons but this is... what??

A Bathroom for Mr. Fantastic

Someone contact the Fantastic Four and tell them you have a mason for them! Only Mr. Fantastic could be able to use it effectively by stretching his arm out to the distance. Seriously though, talk about defying the laws of physics!

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