15 Sure Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 27, 2017

Cheating and infidelity is one of the most harrowing experiences a person goes through in life. What makes it even harder is that accusing your partner of cheating will be met with denials and they might start pointing fingers at you instead. Getting your hands on irrefutable evidence often times involves poking your nose where it doesn't belong, but you can often times make do with these 15 tell tale signs that your partner is indeed cheating.

He is very confident in himself

If he's a part of any social network which supports infidelity, chances are that he also has a favorable attitude towards cheating. This dead giveaway may take hours of constantly stalking his social networks on Facebook before you finally nail it down.

He hops on from one relationship to another

Your partner thrives on the thrill and intense passion of having a new romantic relationship. It is probable that the powerful attraction he has for you will wane overtime, so to recreate that experience he will find someone new.

Your partner has cheated on you in the past as well

If your partner has cheated before, chances are he's cheating on you today as well. Infidelity is often times an individual's characteristic trait, a recurring feature in their life. If he's not cheating on you, he will actually open up. If he is, he'll brush off your questions.

He puts more effort to look good

If your partner suddenly changes his appearance, works out more often, wears more attractive clothes and spends more time in front of the mirror, it probably means he's dressing up to impress someone else. You know when he's not doing it for you.

He gets more irritated

If he's cheating o someone else, the idea of spending more time with you makes him feel increasingly agitated. To cope with this emotional symptom, he starts getting more irritated in your presence in hopes that you'll leave him alone.

Doesn't give you access to his phone

If he were chitchatting harmlessly with his peers, coworkers and boss, he usually never had any problems with sharing those texts and emails with you. But now phone's locked with a new password, one which he won't share with you.

There is no communication between you two

You may be talking with each other, but there really isn't anything substantial in terms of actual, noteworthy communication. That is because your partner is too caught up with his special someone to give you any attention.

He's giving you these gifts

He was always the broke one in your relationship and the idea of surprising you with a gift was a farfetched idea at best. But a cheating partner makes a habit of showering you with these little trinkets in the hopes of overcoming all his guilt.

The interest has waned

Those blissful days when you both enjoyed every fleeting second of each other's company have long gone. Something has changed and your relationship has come to a grinding halt. This is because your cheating partner is getting his dose of excitement from someone else.

He randomly starts smiling and laughing

A two timing partner who's seeing someone else will often times smile and give sudden bursts of laughter every now and then. This is because 'she' is always in his mind, and he is recalling all those fond memories with her.

He makes an excuse to go somewhere

It used to be that he would always tell you about all his travels such as a business trip or even a vacation. But this time, not only does his vacation not involve you, but he won't even disclose the exact details of this new trip.

One lie turns into a million little lies

When he first comes up with an alibi to cover his schemes, he has to concoct a tiny little lie. This one lie evolves into a hundred different lies over the course of a few days - at one point it becomes obvious he's lying to get away.

He was not that tech savvy before

Before meeting you, he complained about how Facebook and Twitter occupy more of our time than is necessary. But now he can't be pulled away from his laptop. Chances are he's chatting with his new love interest.

Phone habits have changed

Not only is his cell phone out of bounds but he's beginning to spend too much time on the device. Either he's whispering or texting nonstop. You should definitely try to get access to his phone because something's up.

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