15 Confessions By Married Couples On Why They Decided Not To Live Together

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 27, 2017

More than 50 percent of all marriages in the United States end up in divorce. It is not uncommon for couples to begin arguing and bickering while blaming each other for their lackluster marriage. Sometimes, it is better to just let go. At other times, if feelings of love and respect still exist, then it might just be worth another shot to give the married another go. Here are 15 couples who are married but live separately.

Husband and wife just don't live together

The entire point of getting married is to share the same roof together. But this husband and wife just don't want to live in the same house. It's not that they don't hate each other, they just don't leave each other either.


Many people suffer from social disorders such as autism and are unable to initiate relationships. The result is separation, hurtful compliments from their better half and a failed marriage in this couple's case. But isn't it unfair to dump someone for autism?

She doesn't allow him to have sex with her

One could argue that sex is perhaps one of the most (if not the most) important aspects of any marriage. Both husband and wife have needs to be fulfilled if they are to continue loving each other. This wife however doesn't let her husband near certain part of her body.

Happily married, but separated

They call their marriage a successful one full of love and tranquility. There's just one complication, they don't live with each... is it because they're seeing someone else? We really can't tell. It's not a childless marriage either, the child lives with the mother.

A good reason

Because both husband and wife are in the military, they get posted at different locations frequently and seldom get to spend any time together. This actually makes up for a compelling reason why they're not together, unlike most lame excuses in this post.

They don't live together

This couple doesn't live together but haven't cited any reason why. They do however claim that the separation has caused the love to grow 'infinitely'. Perhaps they have a valid excuse, maybe they live I different countries.

They live in different countries

This married couple are separated by dozens of borders and get to see each other literally only once a year. What kind of marriage is that? Exactly why did they hook up in the first place, who takes care of the children if any?

His priorities are not in order

This husband wants only one thing from his life. Money, and more money. He money over happiness, and while he will probably get rich, he will suffer from crippling loneliness. Money is not everything in life you know?

Loathful mother in law

Some mother in laws just don't know the negativity their presence is breeding between the married couple. They just have to interfere and continue to nag in their daily lives. As a result, this couple chose to live separately until they get a new house.

Hope of return

Their marriage hangs in the balance by a tiny little cord of hope. Hope that maybe their love will rekindle sometime. But it has been 10 years and counting to their separation, they haven't filed a divorce yet because of this hope

Post traumatic stress disorder

It's all fun and games until someone gets affected by the mental disorder called post traumatic stress disorder. Enrolling in the military is not a walk in the park, war takes a mental toll on a person, which can weaken the marriage.

They live next door

Now this is a new one, a husband and wife who are neighbors to each other. They can't tolerate each other's presence under one roof so they live in separate houses. They do make it a point to be each other's neighbors.

Married but separated

It seems this couple got married just for the sake of it. They don't show any signs of being in a legally recognized relationship, but apparently the love is still there the wifey does want to get back together.

Deranged step dad

The reason why this woman chooses to spend more time with her parents is because she fears her step father may kill her mom. They're saving for a house as we speak, hopefully they can arrange for one before the marriage falls apart.

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