If The Guy You Want To Marry Has One Of These 12 Habits, Ditch Him Immediately

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | October 27, 2017

They say love is blind, but that isn't necessarily a good thing when trying to choose a mate to spend the rest of your life with. If you have to turn a blind eye to your man and his core qualities in order to feel like he is the forever one than maybe you need to snap out of it and get a little dose of reality. Of course we should love and accept people for who they are, but there are just some things about a man that make him not worthy of you or your love. Don't be blinded by love, open your eyes to what you deserve and if he has any of these qualities, start running.

He Makes You Feel Like The Fifth Wheel

If when you and your guy go out together with friends and every time you feel like you are the fifth wheel, than he is not making you and priority in his life. He is finding an excuse to make anyone else more important than you and he doesn't care how that makes you feel.

He Lies Like A Pro

Maybe you only catch him in little lies every once in a while. But if he seems not to feel any remorse for making those lies in the first place, than he is probably lying about something bigger and won't care in the end that you get hurt or that you will find out.

He's Narrow Minded

If your guy is someone who won't open up to anything new or outside of his comfort zone, than there is a good chance he is holding you back from you being your true self. And if he is narrow minded in small things, than in the future of your relationship when big things come up he isn't going to be open to you.

He Breaks Promises Regularly

If your man has a bad habit of promising to do something, than backing out last minute. Than the future of your relationship could be in jeopardy since he doesn't seem to take promises and commitments very seriously. Beware of a man who seems to find an excuse to get out of any promise.

He's Only Focused On What He Gets

In any relationship there is an element of give and receive. This back and forth has to be in equal balance or else the power shifts to only one person in the relationship. If the power is shifted than whoever is giving more than receiving will end up unhappy, don't let that be you.

He's Self Proclaimed As "Perfect"

He will compare himself to Prince Charming and Ryan Gosling in the same breath. And he isn't shy about mansplaining a few things to you, either. Your friends may even get the brunt of it when he refuses to accept their explanations of the world.

He Walks Around Like The Alpha Male

In the boundaries of the home you share, beware when your swaggering sweetheart makes all the rules. Yet, he never apologizes when he leaves the toilet seat up and you've got your girls over. If he never backs down or apologizes, you've got yourself an annoying alpha male.

He Cuts You Off Mid Conversation

This guy's never had his mama teach him proper manners, and he has no issue interrupting your train of thought or ignoring it all together. And that door that you are walking towards? Forget him opening it for you. Where is the chivalry now adays?

He Is Too Attached

Your girl get away weekends are never ok when this controlling casanova is around. He always wants to know where your going, when you'll get there, and who is there. But don't expect him to shoot you a curtsey text when he's running a couple hours late. Sigh.

He's Glued To His Phone

A romantic night out turns into a night of screen gazing with this tech obsessed dude. While you guys are waiting for your appetizer, he can't get off Instagram for even a minute to ask you how your day at work was. He isn't upset when that attractive co worker likes his picture, either.

He isn't nice to your family

You've tried to bring him to Thanksgiving dinner, but this year you think twice. He's rude to your dad, never asked to help your mom with dishes, and he Tweeted the whole time he was visiting with your grandma. Oh, and he chews with his mouth open. Ew!

He likes other girls photos on Social Media

And he never thinks there's anything wrong with it. He'll be the first to like that hottie from High School's vacation pics, and you have seem a DM or two from her before. But he'll deny there is any interest- except when she posts that infamous bikini profile pic.

His Tinder account is still active

He says he's just too lazy to delete it, but it seems like he may be looking for the next best thing. You have the evidence- your best friend got matched with him recently. His eye may be wandering if he is vague about which friends he is meeting for an after work drink that lasts till 10 pm.

He Doesn't Support Your Career

When you finally score that promotion, your guy has no interest in patting you on the back. He down plays your success, or ignores it all together. It really shows that he is insecure in his own career and is intimidated by a successful woman whose got her shit together.

If He Is Physically Abusive, Leave And Seek Help

An abusive relationship is never something to work through. If he has ever physically harmed you, leave the relationship immediately and seek help. You'll be helping yourself and others who may have fall into his same trap in the future. Call the domestic abuse hotline 1-877-988-5559



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