Here Are Some Photos That Prove Dubai Is Heaven On Earth

Entertainment | By Ray Porter | October 27, 2017

Dubai seems like a whole different world. It's in a dessert and has a whole different set of cultural rules but most of all what's unique about Dubai is the opulence. Dubai is well known for being the capital city of luxury, a place where even the street sweepers and builders make more than a professional in any other country. Millionaires abound and it is very normal to see cars of exclusive design, animals with lives of kings and children who will not need to work for the rest of their life.

"That's Not a Cat, This Is a Cat"

Dubai is a city that is infested (in the cutest way possible) with hordes of stray cats and kittens. Often you find that they sneak into garages and hide up in the wheels of cars in their search for shade and respite from the desert. But millionaires don't often settle for stray cats as pets.

A Mall You Can Really Get Lost In

Malls in Dubai are another thing, that most of us consider to be ordinary and mundane, that you can add to the list of otherworldly icons for the city. They are huge, and there's even a mall there with a huge Aquarium inside. The amount people buy is extravagant too, but they're catered for.

The Bathroom is No Place to Slum it

The opulence is so thoroughly engrained in society that it's hard to believe no aspect of life left out. Not even the place that is rarely even talked about, the toilet. It's almost a taboo subject so it's astounding to see gold flaked toilets, but in Dubai you do.

Public Luxury

It's astounding that the luxurious way of like extends even to some public amenities. Looking at countries like Brazil, or African countries, for example, that are plagued by poverty and crime these kinds of expensive items wouldn't last minutes unprotected in the streets.

The Governing Sector Obviously Didn't Lose Out

Unlike many other countries where government workers tend to lose out with inferior tools and pay cheques, those in Dubai's government sector are not forgotten. Talk a look at the kinds of cars that these law enforcement officers use. Most of us are lucky to receive any work car, nevermind a Lamborghini.

Everything is Gold

The extravagance of the city is easily expressed through its obsession with gold. Detailing is almost always done in gold paint at the very least, but ideally gold flake or better. Even on items that we consider expensive you'll be seeing the addition of gold detailing.

Told You So

See I wasn't joking. The latest iPad on its own isn't enough, and why would it be when you could gold plate it. The really absurd part is that this is the kind of thing you'll find in the hands of children that we generally consider too young for any sort of electronics. As young as 3

What Do You Think?

Do you reckon it's more unbelievable that they have gold ATM's or that they still have gold ATMs? A bank deciding to put up gold ATMs is one thing, but I think it is quite another that the people like or are honest enough that the ATM hasn't been robbed and blown up yet.

Even More Places to Find Gold

If you haven't got enough of all that gold that's surrounding, you everywhere you go fear not. In Dubai, you can eat and drink your gold too. Cocktails incorporating gold leaf and desserts that use gold leaf are a favourite. Just be prepared for the Dubai price: this plate is $1000.

What's Better?

What's better to you one Jeep or two? I mean this is an easy question, two is almost always better than one, right? In Dubai you get a third option, how about double? You might have to use your imagination for this but yes, a double Jeep exists.

Everyday 007

Double 0 7's gadgets were something that captured the minds of all the kids that grew up watching them, and many of the adults too. They would daydream about would dream about driving off the road and onto the water in amphibious cars. A reality in Dubai.

Finally a Solution for Traffic

Every City has traffic issues and Dubai is no exception. There is still just no way that road and transport systems can cater for high density city living. Dubai millionaires, however, have found their own solutions: just use the helicopter.

Gold's Not the Only Option

If your sitting in Dubai feeling like gold is just so over used, it's like, yesterday's colour then fear not. There are other options for you, and don't think it'll be less luxurious. If you going for a feminine touch then this diamond coated Mercedes is just for you.

Animal Companions

For the Millionaire men of Dubai hawks at their side has long been a symbol of great wealth. From an outsider looking in this tradition is awesome. But what happens when these men must travel, are they to part from their animal companion. Well, for the right price no Sir, they do not.

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