Scientists Discover a Horrifying Secret About The Bermuda Triangle

Science | By Emily Malone | October 26, 2017

The Bermuda Triangle is the triangle shaped space between Florida, Bermuda Island, and Puerto Rico. The area is in the Gulf of Mexico and has been the home of hundreds of unexplained sea and air disappearances and other unusual, seemingly inexplicable encounters. Many people have tried to figure out what it is about this space that causes all of these unusual events, and finally some think that they have gotten to the cause of it.

What Happens In The Triangle That Makes It So Famous

Ever since there has been a recorded history of the Bermuda Triangle, there have been reports of unusual activity there. During the colonial exploration of the Americas through now the zone has been home to almost countless shipwrecks, and when planes were invented, they started going down here as well.

Could It Be Human Error?

Of course the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of these shipwrecks and plane crashes, is to wonder if it is most likely that these are happening due to human error. Although it is possible, it is also unlikely because of how many accidents happen in this small of a space, the frequency is so great that it has become statistically significant.

Reports Of An Inexplicable Energy Controlling The Ship

When radio communication became standardized in ships, operators began receiving emergency calls from ships in the Bermuda Triangle that had nothing in common before but all report the same thing. The calls reported a "strange energy" that they could not see but was stopping their ships from moving.

F-22 Raptor Down During WWII

During WWII American military forces used F-22 Raptor planes, which at the time were among the most advanced planes in the world. There was an incident where as one of these planes crossed the Bermuda Triangle the pilot began to send out crazy radio transmissions and within minutes the plane and pilot both disappeared.

A Search Was Conducted For The Missing Plane

Upon receiving these transmissions the nearest U.S. military barracks sent out two other planes to go look for their companion. However, after hours of searching they had to return home with nothing to report about where the original plane had gone. This may seem like a minor incident but this is just one of countless stories like this.

Scientists Began Searching For An Explanation

The first and most easy logical explanation for these disappearances was to assume that they are because of hurricanes, typhoons, and other natural disasters originating in the area. It is true that there are lots of natural disasters in this area but they affect space outside of the Bermuda Triangle as well and don't explain the concentration of events in that little area.

Possibly Due To Magnetic Material?

The next theory is that the unusual occurrences are due to deposits of magnetic material on the seabed under the triangle. This, it is theorized, would explain the blocked radio wave signals and would cause old fashioned compasses to be thrown off their true magnetic course.

On The More Kooky End Of The Theory Spectrum...

Just like with any natural phenomenon, there are some way out there theories about what could be happening in the Bermuda Triangle. The most popular conspiracy theory idea out there is that the disappearances are caused by extraterrestrial energies that seize these boats and planes.

Foundation Of This Theory

According to some, there is a secret text written by Christopher Columbus the great Spanish explorer credited with being the main European to bring settlers to the Americas. These texts apparently tell of Columbus and his crew seeing hundreds of strange lights shooting down while they were in the Bermuda Triangle, attempting to communicate with them.

Researchers Are Not Convinced

Although it seems unlikely to most that extraterrestrial life is the cause of the unusual events in the Bermuda Triangle, there has been some research done into this. The result of this research is that it is highly unlikely that it is anything off of this planet that is causing the phenomena because with modern machinery we would have been able to detect any light, magnetic, or radio waves.

The Frustrating Reality

Although it would be amazing to be able to finally say the secret of the Bermuda Triangle has been explained, no one has gotten there yet. Despite almost countless tries there is just something going on there that modern day science and exploration is not yet able to explain.

It May Be More Fun To Leave It A Mystery

Although it can be a bit disconcerting to not know what is going on in the Bermuda Triangle, the mystery can be fun because then everyone keeps guessing. The different wacky theories that people come up with are very entertaining, and will probably provide hours of internet searches yet to come.

One Smart Use For This Mystery

Just like in the unexplained Area 51, the American military has made use of this mysterious area to house a well protected military base. This location is not only strategic for its location off of the coast of the US but also has the added protection of people not wanting to get too near due to the danger of the Bermuda Triangle.

What is Area 51?

If the reference in the last slide to Area 51 threw you off here is a quick breakdown; Area 51 is a highly classified remote US Air Force facility associated with the Edwards Air Force Base. The mystery of this space is no one knows what the base is used for , and the most well known conspiracy theory is that this is the site of extraterrestrial landings.

What Do We Think Happens In The Triangle?

To be honest, we have no clue. There are so many different theories and studies into it but no true evidence to explain anything. Here we have presented to you a variety of different theories out there for you to consider, but if you are still curious it is up to you to do some more research into it to pick what you think.



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