15 Things That Prove There Are Only Two Kinds Of Girls

Humor | By Gigi Cummings | October 26, 2017

It is said there are only two types of girls out there. Now specifically what types of girls is a whole different question. But nevertheless wherever you go you will see for every "Betty" there is a "Veronica" for every "Thelma" there is a "Louise." Which girl is the right kind of girl is up for debate. I guess that depends on preference and what guys want and what type of girl fits their personality. Here are a few examples of how there are "two types" of girls in the world so you will know them when you see them.

Classic Vs. Modern

Here you see a take on a classic princess costume interpreted by two different kinds of girls. The first is keeping true to the iconic and pure princess look while the other is getting sexy with a modern edge that really ignites the fantasies in people walking by.

To Be Funny Or Sexy?

When a girl is getting ready for a costume party, she has to make a decision, is she the kind of girl who is going to be wearing a sexy costume or is she going to go the funny girl route and wear something that is unique to her own self? Very different types of girls.

Flowers Or Food

When you want to impress a lady, bring her a bouquet of flowers, or if she is another certain kind of girl, bring her a bouquet of chicken nuggets with extra dipping sauce. You can't go wrong with either of these, and this is a sure way to win a girl heart.

Flaunt What You Got... Or Don't

All women's bodies are beautiful but some women take modesty very seriously while others like to strut around flaunting what they got. Neither person is wrong, its all about how a woman feels comfortable in their own skin. Because a woman has a right to be whomever she wants to be.

Dress Up For The Part

When you are going to a party where you are supposed to dress up for a theme, this can be interpreted in any way however you look at it. While some girls can go the sexy or slutty version other girls can take things more literal or just want to wear something extra comfy.

Function Over Fashion

A party like a pajama party, or a sports themed party is a great way to show up to an event in extra casual or comfy clothes that you can relax in all night long. But there is that one type of girl who will be able to take any situation and make it steamy x-rated.

Dressed Up or Dressed Down

There is a new trend in athleisure which is giving some types of girls an outlet to still dress super cute while still minting the comfy style they have learned to embrace. But there is still that type of girl thats thinks wedge heels are meant for a "casual dress" day.


You can say there are two types of priorities in a girls mind, shopping and food. Which girl are you spending your time with. and what is there priority. if it's food than she will be on a constant quest for the perfect snack, if it's shopping than any extra time is found at the mall.

Sleep Is Everything

There are certain girls who will throw away any sort of need to get ready in order to have just a few more minutes of sleep, and then there are the girls who wake up a 5am just to make sure they have enough time to pick out the perfect outfit and curl their hair.

Different Assets

Women who workout have different priorities on what specifically they should focus on to obtain that ideal body. Some women are all about weight lifting and bulking up their womanly curves and some women are all about cardio and slimming their figure.

Trying Too Hard And Not Giving A F*ck

Some women will go to great lengths to get people to like them, they will dress a certain way and act a certain way and hope they are well received. Other women don't give and f*kcs about what people think about them and they do whatever they want.

Comfort Vs. Style

Every woman feels extra sexy and stylish in a pair of heels, but only particular women will go as far as to wear high heels on a daily basis and in all types of circumstances. Most women will opt for the comfortable sneaker whenever they have to choice.

Natural Reactions

We all have a fight or flight response in our that allows us to react properly to dangerous or scary situations. This shows the separation of two different types of girls, ones that react to a scary situation with fear and the ones who find being in situations like that funny.

Self Image In Photographs

Some women will hunt down whoever posted a picture of them that wasn't filtered, photoshop and pre-approved, and some women don't really care what they look like in pictures as long as they aren't doing anything that could get them fired or imprisoned.

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