Dating Comics That Totally Speak The Truth

Humor | By Cole Damon | October 26, 2017

Sometimes a little meme or comic strip can perfectly explain your relationship better than relationship therapy ever can. These comics will easily explain through clever choice of words and cartoon images the 15 typical cases in any modern relationship. They can range from a couple dealing with break up, make up, some jealousy and even a series of extremely heated arguments.

Do as I say

Although this comic strip represents the feelings of a woman, it goes both ways. A partner wants their better half to crave them at all times. But he should only act on his urges when she 'feel' the time is right.

He gets too handsy

Very stereotypical of horny men. The guy just can't keep his hands to himself and gropes his partner at inappropriate places.*tap tap tap* goes the comic. Her butt is not a drum, and her breasts are not pillows.

Guy trying to make it up to his girl

Disagreements are a common trait in any relationship and things can sometimes get a little out of hand. In this comic, the girl is clearly fed up of her incompetent boyfriend and just wants to leave. But she does give him some useful advice.

A big conundrum

When she asks your opinion about the size of her butt, it's like a double edged sword, nothing you can ever say in this situation will ever work out and you'll just end up offending her. Even a compliment won't work, it's a trap.

A girl can't even snuggle with a cat

Men, there's only one thing they want. It's the only thing which lingers in their minds 24/7, except when they're filling their tummies. So when you're patting your cat and expressing your desire to snuggle with it, the guy assumes he's on the verge of getting some action.

Loss of words

When you're around the love of your life - or the crush who has a chokehold over you for the past couple of weeks - it puts you at a loss of words. So you can't even mouth the simple words, "Wanna go out?" without bursting something idiotic instead.

Complimenting her beauty

Women love it when their partners praise them on their looks. But their insecurity and paranoia makes them doubt sincere praise and they just can't accept it. So if you do praise her, she'll think you're lying. It's a trap.

Modern way of breaking up

It used to be that a break up would involve heated arguments and long debates about what went wrong in the relationship. But the advent of social media has disrupted everything, even the way you break up a relationship. Of course breaking up over Twitter is the new thing.

Problems a couple goes through

Sharing the same bed also means dividing the same blanket between each other. But that is easier said than done. Throughout the night you end up struggling for a piece of the blanket, and if you win - your partner freezes to death.

All he wants is attention

Sometimes, the only thing a man ever wants from a woman is her undivided attention. And in the case of this poor bloke, the mere acknowledgement that he exists. So when a woman becomes nice to them out of pity - the drooling begins.

Problems with long hair

Making out with someone who has long hair is not as easy as the movies make it seem. A woman's hair has a mind of its own and always makes it a point to get in the way. Just cut it off.

Working out

The first time you're in a relationship with someone, you go above and beyond to make sure you look your best and to be always on time. A dozen or so dates later - "*yawn* Can't get enough sleep" is the only sentiment you can share.

Signs of a gentleman

Some men would rather leech off of their partner's finances and would scram as soon as it's time to pay the bills. The cartoon compares the gentleman with superman and the broke guy with batman? Do you agree?

Being a couple doesn't mean you'll improve your situation

They were couch potatoes before a relationship. And continue to slouch about their daily life during a relationship. Some awkward people just can't break their habits, even if it is for the sake of their better half.

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