15 Signs That You Are Dating A Boy and Not a Real Man

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 26, 2017

We don't mean to be sexist here, but scientifically speaking, the majority of women seek out a man who gives off a strong 'alpha male' persona. A man who can 'protect' them from the elements. One who has the power of an ox and doesn't shy down from a fight. A male can be a boy at 40 or a man at 18. So here are 15 traits to distinguish between a man and a boy.

He's doesn't bring a condom

Sexual activity involves exchange of a host of fluids, which can often times result in untoward incidents (hint: babies). A real man knows the worth of a condom and carries one with him all the time, boys are a lot more lax with it.

He's an absolute tool and has to be dictated everything like a child

It's one thing to be clueless every once in a while, but it's an entirely different situation if he needs to be constantly told what to do. This is an obvious sign he may be mentally... challenged.

He switches jobs often

He gets laid off from work on a frequent basis under one pretext or another. The guy relies on his parent's money too much to take life seriously. What's he going to do when they're not around to provide for him?

He is always jealous around other men

So you talked to this guy who just happened to be a colleague of yours. You chit chat, had a few hugs and laughs. Meanwhile, little boy over there is soiling his pants in rage. But a real man always knows you'll never cheat on him.

Lives in a messy place

The little boy will rely on his mother (or hired help) to take care of his mess. But because he has access to neither, his room is a cluttered mess, with clothes, litter and used cans lying everywhere.

He never takes the initiative

You're both sitting in a restaurant and the waiter is clearly very busy to answer your queries. A real man will know how to get the attention of the waiter, but a little boy will wait passively or make awkward gestures to try getting noticed.

The guy has no idea how to manage his money

He does not have his finances in order. He just doesn't have the patience to cultivate basic saving skills and spends his paycheck (or allowance!) the moment he gets it. Real men know all too well the worth of money.

The guy gets scared pretty easily

Show him a bug and he'll wet his pants. The guy will let out a burst of scream and act like a little girl, and if he could find a stool to stand on, he'd do that too, perhaps the bug will ignore him and pass by.

He just doesn't have focus

While it may seem cute at first, if he shows signs of lack of concentration and focus, chances are, he's still undecided on many issues in his life. One of those could actually involve dumping you, but he just hasn't made his mind yet.

He argues incessantly

Arguments are not about winning, but getting your point across. A boy would raise his voice, make intimidating postures and make use of hurtful words to get his point across. A real man would maintain his composure throughout the debate.

Got tootsie rolls in his mouth

He just never understands the point. Your gestures, your cues, the subliminal messages which you're trying to send his way are a wasted effort at best. Real men know how to put two and two together to understand your state of mind.

Cries like a baby

He cries like a little baby and throws up tantrums to get attention when he doesn't get his way. To make sure you agree with him, he'll bawl his eyes out. Cute when a boy does it, but ugly when a man does it.

He craves attention from women

He doesn't give two cents about your sentiments and if a woman passes by who catches his fancy, he'll pump up his chest to try impressing her. He revels in all that attention, even if it hurts you.

He can get violent

Little boys can't control their tempers which often spill out in to violent bursts of rage. He can assault you physically. But a real man knows his bounds and does not lift a finger on you even if he's angry.

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