Photos Poking Fun at Women's Logic When It Comes To Relationships

Humor | By Gigi Cummings | October 26, 2017

There are always two sides to the logic of a relationship. What the girl thinks to be true and then what everyone else thinks to be true. It's not that girls are the crazy one in the relationship, its that they tend to have their own set of logic for every situation that might not be what is the easiest to understand. It can be hard to navigate the way a woman's mind thinks, if you don't speak their "language". Here is some insight into the woman's mind that could help you decipher her logic and win major relationship points.

Dreams Are Reality

Have you ever woken up in the morning and your girlfriend is mad at you for no reason at all? It's probably because she had a dream that you did something wrong and it feels so real that now she is actually suspicious of you. Ease her mind and don't give into her dream logic.

Cruel To Be Kind

Sometimes a woman has to let out her frustrations on her man only to demand his kindness in return. It is a simple need to release some frustrations while simultaneously be supported and understanding of her emotions. If she lashes out, just call her sweetie and give her a hug.

She Gets Comfortable

Her way of showing you that she loves you and feels unconditionally comfortable with you is that she starts to let her appearance go a bit. If she stops shaving her legs and starts wearing raggedy stained sweats, know she is doing it because she loves you.

Always Do The Opposite

If she tells you its totally fine you don't have to do the dishes tonight, you better get your butt up and do the dishes. If she says she doesn't want anything for her birthday, plan something spectacular. She wants to be the low maintenance girlfriend and she wants you to think she deserves everything in the world.

She's Complicated

This is just something you as her significant other, will have to deal with and have patience about. She is complicated and sometimes the process of thinking isn't going to make sense to you. Don't fight it, just embrace it and love her for exactly who she is.

Cat Ladies

You might not understand her complete love for her cat. But she will always love that thing more than you. So you will just have to put up with the cat getting all of the special attention and you are just the after thought. Love her kitty and she will love you almost that much.

A Word Has A Thousand Meanings

If a woman tells you something, make sure you know exactly what she means. Because if she says, "if you find the time can you take out the trash please." she doesn't mean its an option, that is a command that means the trash better be out when i get home.

The Phone Game

No matter where you guys are at in your relationship, the phone will always be a game between the two of you that you need to tread lightly with. Never take too long to respond, but don't be too needy, use emojis to express your love as often as possible and you should be in the clear.

Daddy's Little Girl

A father is often one of the most influential men in a woman's life, whether that is a good or bad influence, you are going to have to deal with the affects of her daddy "issues" and either step up and beer her protector or learn to impress her ever important father.

You Are Her Doll

Maybe you don't want to change your appearance and you are happy with your old t-shirt and ragged jeans. But she is still going to buy you clothes and take you to her hairdresser because she wants to see you as your best self. humor her, it will make her very happy to see you in the shirt she got you.

She Doesn't Want You To Fix It

When a woman is upset, often she just wants to cry and complain and let out her emotions in a wild whirlwind. What she wants from you, her significant other, is not to come in a fix it, she wants you to be down in the dumps with her, a shoulder to cry on and someone to eat junk food with.

She Doesn't Want Your True Opinion

When it comes to your opinion on her body or how she looks, she wants you to always, always say that she looks good, and not just generically good, she wants you to compliment her specific attributes. If she asks you if something looks good on her, just say yes.

She Wants You To Act Interested

Even if you aren't 100% interested in some of her hobbies and passions. She wants you to at least act interested instead of being honest with her that you don't really care. Your girl would rather that the reassurance that she is happy with herself than you liking what she likes.

Her Friends Matter More

When she and her friends are hanging out together for a night without you, its an important part of you relationship that you need to respect and not question. When you want to go hang out with your guy friends, you are being neglectful and probably cheating, lady facts.

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