15 Things Men Can Do That Women Can't

Humor | By Cole Damon | October 26, 2017

Men are often considered to be the more privileged of the two genders but recently, with all that talk about feminism and equality, it's time to take up arms for the real fight. Women empowerment is great but there are just some things that men are entitled to which women simply can't do! No offense but the world doesn't always treat everyone the same. Just like women are entitled to their own privileges, so are men!

Change their mind

Oh yes, whether you see it or you don't, when men change their minds it's often considered more acceptable as opposed to when women do it. This is especially true in the case of politicians, just notice the reaction when female politicians change their decisions and you'll know!

Freedom to topless running

When it's summertime and the heat is getting to you but you still have to go for your morning jog, wouldn't it be great if you didn't have the clothe on you? Well, in that regard, men are actually quite lucky, they can take off their shirts whenever and wherever they want!

Pee away!

One of the best things about being a man is being able to go whenever you want. You really don't have trouble of sitting down or taking off their pants. Regardless of where they are, if they want to pee then they can simply pee away.

Look great at all times

It's not narcissistic; it's just the fact that men don't have to spend too much time getting ready as compared to women. Men just get out of bed a few minutes before leaving, comb their hair and they're ready to go! It's really not all that hard.

X and Y

Men carry the gametes that bring more men into the world. Women only have the X gametes but without men introducing their Y's, there would be no more men in this world! You know what that means, more women making the world great again.

Wear whatever comes to mind

What's the one thing that simply infuriates women? How men can wear whatever they want, whenever they want without the labels. Of course, that's not always true but at least they don't have a long list of limitations wearing them down!

Dollar, dollar bills, y'all!

Men often get to be paid more and have chances of promotions more than women. It's nothing about having the privilege because of the gender, it's just that they tend to focus more. Regardless, there's a very high chance of dollars bills raining down on them.

Grow out that beard

Beards are the best thing that mankind has been granted with and men? Well, they're the only ones who can grow out the beard and own the look. Nothing gets better than beard and mustaches and women don't get to face that kind of awesomeness.

Got money in the wallet!

Let's face it, women tend to spend a little too much but that's not even their fault! Women's clothes are generally much more expensive than a man's. And their garments? Well, if they saved the money spent on garments and clothes, they'd be able to buy a Ferrari right now!

What body expectations?

Well, body goals are something that both men and women face but women do have it a hell lot worse. They're expected to look like a size zero model at all times especially with the tons of makeup to reach the ultimate definition of perfect. It's just so hard!

Body hair is a blessing

I'll tell you what men can do! Men can rock out their body hair without feeling the need to shave or hide it out. So what if they have hairy arms and legs? That's all natural and that just makes them men, there's nothing that can change that.

Impregnation can only be done by men

Women simply cannot impregnate anyone - that's something only a man can do. How many times have you heard women impregnating a bunch of other men or even women? That's just not how biology works and to be granted with such honor is great!

Grant the rights!

Why don't men fight for empowerment- Because they're already granted the constitutionally guaranteed rights. After 45 years of the Senate voting in the favor of women rights, till today there's been no avail. That's just something granted to men and men alone.

Use social media in peace

Of course, not all men but as opposed, at least we don't get harassed on an almost daily basis. Men are great but not all men however; we can still upload pictures and use social media and dating apps without random people harassing us.

No periods

What can men do that women cant? Well, not go through the cramps and mood swings while mother-nature messes with them. That certainly tops of everything that this list has and it's a blessing that must be appreciated at all times!

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