15 Illustrations That Show Why Every Girl Loves Her Dad

Inspiration | By Ian Anglin | October 26, 2017

I'm obviously not a little girl, but every kid loves his parents, and we always remember the nice moments we had, growing up with our mother and father. They are our guardians, our protectors, and providers. We learn to speak from them, we learn the facts of life and nature, and we have all of our meal with them. Our parents can't always be with us, but we can always remember what they did for us. Here is a list that shows why.

Your Dad Protected You While You Sleep

All kids have a period when they are growing up when they have nightmares or other problems going to sleep. Our fathers are the first figure to come to us, and protect us during our sleep. Even telling a short bedtime story is enough sometimes - I know this helped me when my father used to do it.

Combing Your Hair for the First Time

Perhaps your father wasn't alone in helping you dress or comb your hair for the first time - maybe your mother did it and your father helped out. No matter what, he was there, and he was very proud of your first transition from baby to girl.

He Helped You Reach the Top of the World

I'm sure you can remember the first time your father carried you on his shoulders. You felt like you were on top of the world. You felt like you were over 50 feet tall, and anything was possible at that moment. Bonus points if this happened at a concert.

There Was Nothing Better Than Sleeping in His Arms

Everyone can remember the countless occasion when we've slept in our parent's arms. Perhaps we were watching a movie and fell asleep, or maybe we got tired of having a walk in the park. It is a magical moment when you remember it.

He Kept You Warm

Every night we felt cold, or scared (I was really scared by lightning and darkness), our father was the main source of warmth and protection. No matter how afraid you were, your father was always there for you, comforting you.

No Matter How Busy Your Father Was, He Could Always Find a Minute For His Little Princess

You might remember some days when your father was very busy, and come home late from work. That didn't matter one bit - he would always walk up to you, give you a hug, and even read you a bedtime story. He was there for you.

Your Best Childhood Memories Are With Your Father

Who can forget playing hide and seek with your father, or him playing with your silly toys and dolls? My father used to take me to airfields and explain what the various airplanes models were, and I loved asking questions about the various laws of physics, needed to make an airplane fly. He is a great dad.

Some Kids Never Want to Grow Up

The photo above shows how some children, even when they grow up and become adolescents, still would want to spend their whole lives with their parents. If they could fit in their father's luggage, they would do so, just to be together.

There Was Always Something New to Learn

Our fathers taught us a lot of things. It depends on the gender that you learned, but many boys play their first game of chess with their fathers. Many teenagers may also have their first glass of beer with their fathers.

Meet the Author of These Photos

You might have noticed the text "Soosh" in some of the corners on all the photos throughout this article. Soosh is the last name of Snezhana Soosh, the Ukrainian girl who is the author of these photos. She became a world-renown artist after releasing them.

Father-Daughter Relationships Can be Amazing

Soosh believes that the relationship a girl can have with their father can be an amazing thing. That's what motivated her to create these 15 amazing portraits, all drawn by hand. She gave an interview for the Huffington Post to explain some of the photos.

Soosh Wanted a Closer Relationship With Her Father

The painter of these photos did not have a good relationship with her father - he was always cold and distant. Psychologically speaking, this is very easy to understand, as to how her weak father-daughter relationship gave her the motive to paint these pictures.

She Now Spends a Lot of Time with Her Son

Soosh told the Huffington Post: I always wanted to have a tender and loving relationship with my own father, but he didn't know how to show his love so most of the time was distant and cold." Luckily, she can now remedy this, by improving the relationship with her son.

"Frol is the world to me"

Her son's name is Frol, and he means the world to her. Soosh also told reporters He is the first one to see my illustrations and give his opinion on them." She also said that she wants the photos to help her son to grow up into a good man.

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