15 Shocking Things About Disney Couples You Never Knew Before

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 25, 2017

Who hasn't grown up watching Disney movies? Unless you were born last year, it is unlikely you didn't at least watch Cinderella or Snow White. Whether you're a millennial born in the 90s, or a baby boomer, it is likely that you have watched a dozen or so of them, maybe under the pretext of spending some time with your children.

Monsters Inc.

In Monsters Inc., there's a scene in which Boo is seen coloring. If you look carefully, one page of her coloring book clearly spells "Mary" over and over again. It is actually a reference to the voice artist Mary Gibbs who lent her voice to Boo.


This factoid about the movie 'Tangled' will make you feel as if you left your tower for the first time. We don't know how this picture managed to get past screenings but you can clearly see the word 'sex' inscribed by Rapunzel.


If you have a keen eye, you may have noticed that A113 appears in various Disney and Pixar movies. A113 is actually the number of a classroom where most of the animators who now work for Disney began their careers. It's like a little tribute.

More Tangled facts

Tangled was actually more expensive to produce than James Cameron's movie, Avatar which cost $237 million. Tangled comes in at a whopping $260 million. How in the world can it be more expensive than the masterful innovations behind Avatar?


Wall E is a movie about this cute little robot who spends all his life on the surface of a now scorched and barren earth, collecting garbage and recycling it. But the name Wall E is actually the name sake of Walt Disney himself, Walter Elias - hence Wall-E.

Finding Nemo

After the heartwarming debut of Finding Nemo, a disturbing rumor was reported that children were flushing their fish down the toilet because, "all drains lead to the ocean." Umm.. that's definitely going to kill your fish and force them to go through dirty sewage water.

Toy Story

Woody is an adventurous cowboy who also happens to be a natural leader. But did you know that his last name is actually Pride? Woody Pride? Even though he's never called 'Pride' in the movies, this is his official name.

Sleeping beauty coincidence

Disney did not produce another princess movie after Sleeping Beauty for another 30 years. The next princess movie was Little Mermaid in the year 1989. The reason? Because believe it or not Sleeping Beauty failed at the box office.

Beauty and the beast

The song which Boo sings in the bathroom scene from Monsters Inc is the same as "Tale as old as time" from Beauty and the Beast. Did they run out of ideas or wanted to pay tribute to the old classic?

Supernatural powers

While supernatural elements have always been a theme of Disney movies, it wasn't until Rapunzel that they gave some special powers to their heroins. No, not the enchanted kiss which woke Sleeping Beauty from her deep slumber, but Rapunzel's special hair which can glow to a beautiful golden when simulated.

Why does Belle only wear blue?

Belle is the only person in her town to wear the color blue. Signifying that she is different and separate from everyone else. Later on, the Beast is also shown wearing a blue cape, symbolizing their love for each other.

A Disney princess who is not actually a princess

You're either born into royalty or you marry into one. But Mulan is the only Disney princess who did neither of these. She and Captain Li Shang may share an extremely powerful emotional bond, but they are not royalty.

First duet with a villain

While Frozen captivated the hearts of millions of people from all age groups due to its amazing artwork, direction and music, it is the first Disney film ever for a princess to perform a duet with a villain.

Prince Tom Cruise

Aladdin's appearance (although on the dark side) is reportedly modeled after Tom Gun star Tom Cruise. And he isn't the only Disney character to have been modeled after a popular celebrity. Do you see a resemblance? We do see a tiny bit of resemblance.

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