15 Reasons Why Women Really Cheat On Their Man

Lifestyle | By Charlie Blacks II | October 25, 2017

Relationships aren't easy, if they were we'd all be successful ones. There are countless amount of books, magazine articles, and talk shows about how 'to please your man/woman'. Simply, relationships require constant work and patience and if you ask us stepping out on your significant other or cheating on them is a cause for termination of the entire ordeal and unfortunately, it comes to that in some instances. Which is why we're here to provide you guys with fifteen reasons why women really cheat. It's a tough pill to swallow but, it happens.

Seeking Adventure

Unfortunately, if you no longer light her fire, there's a strong possibility that she will search elsewhere for someone or something to bring out that adrenaline in her once again. Remain adventurous and keep her guessing and she most likely won't be stepping out of the relationship.

Being Ignored

This might sound silly to some but, this really all it takes for your lady to step out. This isn't a simple case of you hanging out with your boys for a single night but, it can take place over time. If you don't nurture your relationship, you can expect your significant other to find her needed attention elsewhere.

She's Looking For More

This one's unfortunate being that the woman's significant other doesn't really need to be the source of any trouble. Sometimes, women might idolize a particular relationship or could have simply expected more from their significant other and they aren't fulfilling their desires. Communication is key and could help here.

Personality Disorder

Unfortunately, some women suffer from narcissistic personality disorders and seek out physical attributes over the mental ones. Honestly, we'd recommend not even dating or getting in a relationship with someone who's obsessed with only the physical realm and can't hold it together for extended periods of time.

Low Self-Esteem

As men, we can only do so much in order to raise the self-esteem of our partners and significant others but, they too have a responsibility of uplifting themselves as well. Sadly, some women use their sexual prowess and behavior as a Band-Aid to cover up their low self-esteem at times. And in all honesty, it doesn't really work.


Most of us would like to think that we take heavy loads of stress off of our significant others but, sometimes we could be the cause of stress, or she could be having a difficult time at the workplace, or with her family and an affair is her way of finding peace and coping with all the stress her daily life has provided.

Lack Of Intimacy

Sometimes, a lot of us men get caught up in a repetitive routine day in and day out and forget that our significant others have emotional needs, especially when we're embedded in a long-term relationship. Make an effort to take her out to a quiet dinner, find a romantic setting to get lost in, or simply just touch them with tenderness. Without any type of intimacy, you can expect for her to step out sooner or later.


If your significant other has to travel for work constantly, takes long work trips out of town, or works far from home or where you reside, there's a strong possibility that her physical needs aren't being met by her significant other. So, she seeks to replenish those sexual desires outside of her relationship.

Unresolved Relationship Issues

As men, we like to keep the peace as much as possible and sometimes we shut out the necessary conversations that need to be had, which can leave some major unresolved issues within the relationship and the possibility of watching your significant other seek refuge outside of the relationship and eventually cheating will occur.


Some men can be abusive, whether it be verbally or physically, neither is acceptable in a relationship and being simply verbally abusive can cause a woman to search elsewhere for support and love. No one wants to be with someone who's genuinely mean at all, so women step out on their abusive significant others.

Sexually Bored

We got to face it, fellas, some women are extremely sexual adventurous and we can come off as boring to them which can lead to being cheated on. It's a harsh reality but, if you're not willing to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, your partner might just end up looking elsewhere.

Sexual Bully

Sometimes, we as men can be sexual bullies and that implies that we only seek to satisfy ourselves during our sexual endeavors and that's not really fair to our significant others. If this type of behavior becomes normalized, the woman is likely to step out of her relationship in search of someone who is more tender and aware of her needs.

No Sex At All

Well, this one should be pretty obvious to us all. If you choose not to have sex with your significant other or spouse at all, it most likely will lead to them getting their sexual needs satisfied outside of the relationship. We really shouldn't be surprised about this one at all.


Women can be pretty devious and will do almost anything to get their point across at times. Even if that means, cheating on their significant others. This will most likely happen if you yourself haven't remained faithful so, in order to even the score the woman might cheat in order for you to feel the same pain. Is it right? No, but somehow this is logical to some women.

Fell In Love

Also, extremely unfortunate but, sometimes people fall in and out of love with their significant other and find someone else who they fell in love with it. It sucks but, the heart wants what it wants and would really want to get in the way of true love? We'd hope not, which means that there's someone out there way more suitable for you.

The fact is... People cheat. The best thing to do is move on and find someone worthy of your time and love and continue to grow in a positive manner.



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