15 Things Every Committed Man Wishes He Could Have

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 25, 2017

Men can be really hard to understand, especially if you are dating one. To be frank, one of the most dreaded fears in the mind of every man is that of rejection. They are so threatened by rejection and of you leaving them, that there are a lot of things going in their mind. While you might not be able to decipher them, we have made a compilation of all the things that are going within the mind of a committed man.

The Ability to Decode Feelings

Women often expect their boyfriends to read their mind and know what they want. Even when women are livid, they would not say anything when asked about it. So, one thing that committed men would love to have is the ability to know what's up at the right time.

The Perfect Mix of Romance

Women want their fiancés, significant others and boyfriends to be romantic and naughty with them. But, if there is a sudden romantic gesture from their side, they get all flustered and fed up. Innocent men would love to know the perfect mix of romance that women would be okay with.


Trust is a growing issue in relationships and men wish they could have your trust at all times. A relationship is good if there are no doubts and you don't have to go over their phones for the most trivial inspections.

Stop Telling Your Best Friends Everything

Men in a relationship would love if you just stop telling literally everything to your BFFs. While in the past women had just one best friend, the list has spiraled up and some even have more than a dozen. Things in a relationship should be kept personnel and your boyfriend's wiener is not something your BFF needs to know about.

They Would Love to Know How Things Go in The Future

While men try their best to be boyfriend material, they would also love to know how starting a family with you will be like in the future. Partying late night is all well and good right now, but will that change in the future?


A lot of the men wish that they could be sure that their partners are loyal to them and are not involved elsewhere. The search for loyalty often transpires into jealousy, which when excessive can be a red signal in a relationship.

Will Having Kids Affect Things?

While men have varied approaches to having kids, they do think about the repercussions having kids may have on your relationship. Will you guys have some less "Us" time? Will there be less privacy? Will the relationship still be as smooth as it? Are just some of the questions that they want answers to.

If They Could Just Simplify Things

Relationships can be complicated to manage, which is why most men wish that they could just simplify things. Even if you both love each other, there are bound to be times when you have friction. Make it a routine to cuddle and sleep, because that is the best remedy.

Compliments, Please!

Men in a committed relationship would love to have some compliments their way. They love complimenting you, but they would love to have something in return. Start off by complimenting their routine in bed, that'll make them happy.


Men in a committed relationship desire compassion from their partners. If they come home sulking from a bad day in office, they would really love if you can make a cup of coffee and cuddle up to them, rather than having a fight with them over their mood.

The Link between Closeness and Distance

Men would love to achieve that link between being close and having separate identities. Most men fear that stage in an affair, where the identities of the couple are merged and they became a constant 'we', rather than having separate identities.


Most men wish that their partners would show more appreciation for what they did. It is important to let your man know how much you appreciate him. Give him a good morning kiss and hug him tight if he helps you with your stuff.

Stand Together In Challenges

It is a couple's ability to stand together in challenges and remain strong throughout is what ensures their success in a relationship. Every relationship faces challenges, big or small. Man wish for persistence from their partners in the face of such challenges.

Limit the Contempt

An issue faced by most couples is that they develop severe content for one another as the relationship grows. The contempt will soon pass by and they will get back to loving each other soon, but persisting with the relationship in these times, defines its success.

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