Common Mistakes Girls Do Every Day With Their Undergarments

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | October 24, 2017

In order to look good on a daily basis, women have a long list of a beauty regimen that often includes, facial care, hair care, and so much more. But one of the most unspoken aspects of a woman's beauty life is the importance of her underwear. Not only do her bra's and panties have to be on trend but they have to be functional as well! Without her underwear being functional she would not be able to achieve the gorgeous body shape we have all grown to love and appreciate. Here are some common underwear mishaps and how to fix them.

Bra Fit

If you want to have perky and lovely breasts while not doubling over from back pain, make sure you get a bra that is the proper size and fit. 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, so ask a professional to fit you, maybe spend a little more on a quality bra and take care of those tata's.

The Right Hook

There are usually three levels of hooks on a bra, and it is important that when you are fitting for that bra that you feel comfortable with the bra on the middle hooks. This is so that you can adjust when the bra shrinks or stretches out and you will still have a proper fit.

Sports Bra

When you are working out, a lot of women don't take into consideration how a sports bra fits and how it can affect your workout and your body. Opt for a sportsbra that fits your workout needs and make sure the material is supportive enough to hold you in while it is also comfortable and not suffocating.

Moisture Wicking Workout Underwear

It is important that when women are working out that they are wearing moisture wicking undergarment fabrics to keep your private parts in optimal health by preventing bacteria growth and to minimize possible chaffing on nipples and between the thighs.

Wearing Underwear During The Day

Wearing underwear while you are going about your day is important not only for the health of your vagina but it also keeps all of you outfits in line. The proper underwear will aid in keeping your skirt from riding up, or your jeans from rubbing on your thighs.

Not Wearing Underwear At Night

Equally as important as choosing the right underwear, is knowing when to not wear underwear and when to let your lady parts breathe. When going to bed, opt to go commando or wear very breathable cotton underwear to allow your parts to air out while you sleep.

Throw Out Your Old Panties

It's a good excuse to go shopping every six months. You should cycle out your old underwear twice a year in order to ensure you are keeping up with taking care of your downstairs parts. Invest in quality panties that both look and feel good when you wear them.

Spanx Are Your Friend

Not feeling totally comfortable in that new dress that you love and want to wear on that special occasion? Choose some spanx to help hold everything in and give you the confidence you need to go out in the world as your bold and beautiful self, they give you clean lines and plenty of support.

Don't Forget The Slip

A slip may seem like an old fashioned under garment that is totally outdated, but it can be your best friend when you are wearing a sheer skirt or a white dress. Wearing a slip gives you an added layer in see-through fabrics while making you feel like a sexy pinup girl.

Showing Straps

When you are wearing a thin strapped shirt or an outfit that requires wearing no bra because of lack of straps, but you still want the support from a bra, opt for a strapless bra, to keep those breasts lifted without the straps showing. There are so many options now to fit any strapless need.

Matching Underwear

Now this is not a must do, but if you are the type of person who throws on any old pair of underwear and go out for a night worrying about someone seeing you looking drab. Buy a couple nice pairs of bra and panty sets that match and watch your confidence soar when you are out for a night on the town.

Hand Wash Your Delicates

Or invest in an undergarment bag that will gently wash your underwear without tearing it apart. The washer and dryer can be hard on your delicate under garments, so ensure they last a long time by hand washing them separately from your other clothes.

The Perfect Fit

Maybe you are not a thong girl, but you have the way your underwear lines show in your pants. Maybe opt for a boy short full coverage cut underwear so that you avoid the lines but still have to comfort of full bum underpants. There are so many styles of underwear find the right one for you.

Lingerie vs. Underwear

Now we don't go to work in full fledged sexy lingerie, but every woman should own a couple pieces of sexy lingerie that has no function at all. Having these go to sexy pieces can spice up a love life and give women the confidence boost to embrace their carnal desires.

Embracing Your Beautiful Body

Whatever size or shape you are, embrace your beautiful body by buying underwear that makes your feel like the queen that you are. Spend a little extra to make sure your boobs are lifted, your ass looks great and you feel like a million bucks. The more sexy and confident that you feel in your underwear, the more confident you feel in your life.



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