15 Optical Illusions That Will Drive You Absolutely Insane

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 24, 2017

The following optical illusions were collected after painstakingly searching the web for the most challenging ones. These optical illusions are said to have been solved by only a few percentage of people, we call them - the chosen ones - on account of their shrewd dexterity. Do you have what it takes to solve these puzzles? Don't worry, we won't leave you in the lurch and will provide you with the solution towards the end.

Is this the picture of a bearded man?

At first glance, this picture shows you a bearded man frowning upon something which concerns him. The poor guy is seen sporting a hat, he has a large nose and a big moustache that has completely overtaken his lips.

Upside down

But what happens when you reverse this image. The brilliant artist Valentine Dubinin from Russia beautifully captures the best of both worlds. Flipping the picture upside down reveals a dog chomping down on a piece of bone.

Shooting down a bird

Looks like this hunter has successfully managed to shoot down a big bird down from the sky. You know the bird has been shot because of all the sweat that it is extruding. The hunter is probably gonna have a blast eating it.

Here's the flipped picture

The artist effortlessly portrayed two stories in the same painting. The other perspective of the story is a flying avian creature doubling down on what looks like a hybrid between a dog and duck. I guess not everything can be done with precision.

Can you spot all the fish in the sea?

This picture takes "Finding Waldo" to a whole new level. Your challenge is to find as many fish in this picture as possible. Can you do it? We bet you can't. A significant number of people failed at this test.

Here's the solution

Here's the black and white color of the picture to help illuminate the obvious shapes of all the fish. Notice how thorough the artist was with in this image. It was hand drawn by Steven Michael Gardner. You can Google more of his work.

Spot the anomaly

We thought that camouflaging was the exclusive domain of chameleons, octopuses and other weird creatures. But turns out, a domesticated animal we're all too familiar with can also shape shift and effortlessly camouflage itself. Can you spot the creature?

It's a cat!

Never saw this little feline resting on top of the tree trunks did you? Neither did we. Here's the mind numbing fact, only 0.5 percent of people who saw this could ever spot the cute little furry creature.

This should be a lot simpler

Except it's not. When you get right down to the subtle way this artist has camouflaged the number '3' in this photo, it will leave your mind boggled to no end. The answer is not what it seems at first.

Spot the numbers

This should be extremely easy provided you're not color blind. So think of this picture as a color blind test. Can you spot the numbers on here? This picture might give you nightmares at first but will definitely shed more clues about your eyes.

Looks like a snake in between the bricks?

When it first surfaced, this picture broke the internet. Everyone thought that the whitish anomaly in between the bricks was a snake, or a tinier brick or something else. The truth however is a little different than expected.

Lumberjacks hard at work

At first it appears these lumberjacks are catching a short break after tirelessly chopping down large trees. But when you take a closer look, you'll realize that the scales have been dramatically skewed, and these men are standing atop giant pencils!

A disturbing beard

This artist has given an entirely new meaning to beards. Beards are a polarizing topic these days, some believe that they're a sign of manliness; others believe it signifies unruliness and laziness. Either way, this picture is sure to catch your attention.

You'll have to move your face away from the screen for this one

To find the optical illusion, you'll have to move your face away from the screen for a short period of time. Directly peering into the picture reveals a beautiful maiden, turning your face away from the picture reveals a frightening woman.

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