15 Things Girls Can Never Say NO To

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | October 24, 2017

There are things that women love more than you. It's just always going to be true. If you want to truly impress a girl you will have to find a way to incorporate these things into your life, because when you do, you will also become one of her favorite things. It takes more than just charm and good looks nowadays to get a girl and keep her interested. Learning to love the things that she adores will help, and learning to accept her for the way she is is also a bonus. Understand these things she can't help but love and you will find yourself on her top list.

Guys With Accents

This is something that if you got it, you got it. Don't go around faking a British accent, but women can't help but swoon when a Southern gentleman comes knocking at their door. And remember guys, you have an accent to everyone else in the world, so if you go abroad you are sure to pick up some ladies with that American charm.


Whatever the occasion, pumpkin spice season or not, a woman can't resist the delicious treats Starbucks has to offer. If you like a girl and want to impress her, learn her favorite Starbucks drink and surprise her with it when she is at work, you will be thoughtful and memorable.

A New Makeup Product

Women go wild when a hot new product hits the shelves. And they don't expect their man to really understand how exciting that is for them. Next time she wears a lipstick you haven't seen before, or does her makeup differently, give her a compliment, she will find it awesome how you notice.

A Cheesy Romantic Comedy

It may be cliche, but it is true. A woman can't help but love a good romantic comedy. And guys, before you go dissing them, suggest you two watch a more classic romcom together, the older ones are quite good and while she is gushing at the romance, you can enjoy a quality film.

Boy bands

It is an homage to her childhood and most likely her first real crush. A woman has nostalgia for boy bands that just cant be explained. Instead of making fun of her for this, learn one of her favorite boy band songs and sing it at the top of your lungs while you guys are driving together, it will be a fun bonding moment.

BFF Time

You are never going to be able to replace time with her BFF. So instead of complaining about them going off and doing girly stuff, encourage their weird and silly relationship. Be her BFF's biggest fan and she will forever thank you for it. Because her BFF is her world.

Reality TV

You have your sports games and she has The Bachelorette. If you find it sexy when she is sitting with you watching the game, then you better believe she will find it sexy when you take time out of your week to excitedly watch her reality TV indigence with her.


You might feel like being chivalrous is kind of cheesy. And a woman might act like she doesn't really care if you open the door for her or stand up when she joins the dinner table. But there is something so respectful and kind with chivalry that really knocks her off her feet, embrace your gentlemanly ways.

Getting Pampered

Women are extremely empathetic beings, we hold on to a lot of your emotions and they tend to manifest in our bodies. We appreciate a good spa day because it is more than indulgent its an emotional release. Treat your girl to some pampering now and again and watch her brighten with happiness.

A Sale

Women have a nose for a good sale. It makes us feel incredibly happy to get what we want at a discounted price. Instead of hassling us for buying things we don't need, embrace our love of a good sale, and tell us what a great deal it was to get that dress for half price, it makes us feel like shopping heros.

Our Animals

We love our animals more than we love you, and you are just going to have to get used to the fact that the dog and the cat are going to take up most of the room on the bed. These animals help us with our maternal instinct, help us embrace this and join us in our love for our furry babies

Our Mothers Advice

We can't say no to our mom, she has been our best friend and confidant from when we were little girls. Even if our moms aren't always right, we want to listen to them and take in what they have to say. Support our love for our moms while helping us keep our own opinions, to keep up a good balance.

Looking Good In Photos

Social Media inflicts a whole lot of pressure on women to look great in every photo, to continue to look young and happy even when times are tough. If we ask you to take a photo of or with us, expect to take multiples and make us feel good about ourselves, we are just trying to fit into this culture.

High Heels

They may be designed by the devil himself, but damn do we love looking good in a nice pair of high heels. Be patient with us while we are teetering around on some 4-inch heels, and don't complain about having to carry them when the night gets late, because they really do make an outfit.

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