Once Successful Celebrities Whose Careers Somehow Ended Quickly

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 24, 2017

Whether it was their actions or by mistake, these celebrities lost their place on the top fast. From the pettiest things done or more serious things, there was no way of backing their way back up for these celebrities, unfortunately. Since they are in the spotlight for the majority of their time, it becomes hard for celebrities - as well- to keep their front brave. Sometimes celebrities let their demons or situations take the best of them, which then drag them downwards.

Taking Advantage

Iggy Azalea became a music sensation very rapidly and stayed at the top for quite some time, until everything went downhill. She was getting into fights with other celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Macklemore and Azalea Banks. She was being criticized for taking sides on issues that did not need her input. Soon she started getting many negative comments on social media.

Queen B VS. Ciara

If anyone makes the stupid decision of dissing Queen B, that person will be bashed by the entire internet. Unfortunately, Ciara was always compared to Beyonce and this did not have such a good impact on her. She was never able to prove herself as an artist that made fans dislike her.

Not So Glee-full

The former star of Glee, Mark Salling was found in jeopardy. Authorities found thousands of images of under aged girls on his laptop. The actor was arrested for child pornography charges. He tried to prove himself as not guilty but all evidence went against him.

A Car Crash Ended Her Career

Brandy was an R&B and pop music superstar in the 90s. She was very well known, but everything changed when she got involved in a car crash. She was driving at a high speed on the highway, while the other two cars had slowed down. She ended up killing a woman and that was the end of her.

Drive Slow, Gayheart.

The former 90210 star, Rebecca Gayheart's career seemed to end when she killed a 9-year-old boy. The actress disregarded the fact that the boy was passing the street and her ignorance led to the death of the little boy and her career, ultimately.

Stay Away From Drugs Kids

The star of She's the Man, became every little girls obsession. Her confidence in the movie got her on the top charts, but then her career went through a serious problem. Amanda Bynes began to abuse drugs and her addiction was the end of her career. No one has really heard from her since then.

Sudden Turns

Katt Williams was one of the best comedians who has made many people smile with his jokes. Recently, he became a victim to abusing drugs and this led to him doing something unexpected. Williams was caught choking a 17 year old outside a park and that was it for his career.

Can't Keep His Hands to Himself

Robin Thicke became the man everyone would jam out to. His music was listened to by the majority of the generation and he was appreciated for his unique beats. Everything seemed to go downhill when he was captured with a fan. The picture with his fan ended his marriage, career, and future.

He Ended it All

Chris Beniot was known as one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. He had won many championships, which earned him his name on the top. Nevertheless, it all ended soon after. He first murdered his wife and kids then decided to take his own life.

Homophobia Should Not Exist

Manny Pacquaio was a renowned boxer and appreciated around the world. He began the storm of controversies when he made a statement. The statement was that "same sex marriages are worse than animals." This man was taken down by critics and ever since, he has been looked down upon.

Scandals Should Be Kept a Secret

Tiger Woods was on top of the sports world and was the man little boys would look up to. When his scandal was unveiled, he lost all his endorsements. His mistress of 3 years brought this issue to light that ultimately affected his entire career.

Food Does Not Always Win Our Hearts

No matter how many people loved Paula Deen's food, the comments she started making made people go against her. They dropped her like a bad habit when she started making racist comments and fights related to racial rights. Fans did not care about her age; they stayed true to their morals.

It Is Important to Have Your Sh*t Together

When drugs become a part of your life, it becomes very hard to take them out of your life. The same thing happened with Lindsay Lohan. In 2007, she started abusing drugs and it took the good of her. She was known as the commercial and critical failure.

Does Winning Take Over Your Mind?

Tonya Harding, an Olympian skater was eager to come in first place and she did not care about who came in her way. While they were skating, Harding went in hard and smashed her competitor's leg on international television. She was instantly looked down upon and that was it for her.

Lip Sync Fail

Before Ashlee Simpson could follow her sister's footsteps, her career took a very sad turn. Simpson was on Saturday Night Life for a lip sync battle which she quit in the middle. Then she stated that the wrong song started playing which got that bad side out of her. Tragically, that was the end of her career.



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