15 Things Only Men Can Get Away With

Humor | By Cole Damon | October 24, 2017

"You cannot do that, you are a girl," this is something every single girl has to listen to at least once in her life. No matter how old the girl is, she is expected to act like a "woman". MAJOR EYEROLL, why is it that girls have to always be on their best behaviors, but the male race is appreciated for how clumsy they may be. Apart from this, there are things that men can get away with, but if women try to do it, they will not only be ridiculed but also bashed. Continue to read and see what all men can get away with, but women cannot.

Gaining Weight is Cool for Men

Unfortunately, this is very true. When men are gaining weight it is appreciated and looked up to, but when a girl starts to gain some pounds, she is degraded. Why is it that girls are always expected to look like supermodels, when guys can get away looking like sausages?

Body Hair is "Masculine"

Because body hair is classified as something that is "masculine," girls are constantly reminded to wax or shave. If, God forbid, a girl has a little peach fuzz on her upper lip or arm hair, she will be a subject of mockery.

Hygiene Has No Gender

Actually, no. Sweat is gross whether it is on a girl or a boy. For those men who think their sweat is a "turn on" for girls, sorry to break it to you, but your sweat makes us feel nauseous. Just the way girls "should not" sweat, the same way you -men- should not. Girls are human too.

Nothing Can Satisfy

Women are judged for wearing makeup, but are constantly reminded of their blemishes when they try to go natural. Men can get away with all face blemishes without being judged, but the same equality is not given to the opposite gender. How sad.

Men Think They Can Get Away When Giving Fashion Advice

When men take the role of being the "fashion stylist," it pisses women off. Men think their input is necessary in everything, little do they know, women have a very good eye for fashion. However, if women try to tell men what to wear, it will probably be the end of the world.

Men Age Gracefully

This is what they are told, but women need to start taking preventive measures from this early 20s. Men and women both ages at their own speed, if men are told they are aging gracefully, women should be told the exact same thing. Start breaking the stereotypes.

"Your Eyebrows are Fine"

No matter what their eyebrows look like, men get away with it. Women have a set diagram of how their eyebrows should look. If their eyebrows get even a little up or down, they are judged so much. Why can men get away with a unibrows, but women NEED to have perfectly shaped eyebrows?

Sculpt Your Face, Girls.

Why is that women are always reminded about the perfect face shapes and how their features should be? Men are not expected to contour or sculpt their face according to the set expectations. Men can always just get away, unfortunately.

Sweatpants Are For?

Men can get away with wearing sweatpants no matter where they go, but when a woman takes the initiative to wear them, they are getting weird looks. However, when women wear yoga pants or leggings, it is seen as a distraction for men. Whatever.

Bed Head is Not an Option for Girls

Why is it that men can rock their bed heads, but women cannot? Women are often told to have their hair brushed well and if it is not, then they are categorized as an unhygienic girl. Men can get away with all the "dirty" things, maybe because it is a part of them...

Being Topless

Men can easily take off their shirts when they are feeling hot or if something drops on their shirts, women on the other hand, cannot even imagine doing something of that sort. There are social norms that have been set and if women decide to go topless, they will be blacklisted by the society.

Bathroom Freedom

Probably one advantage of being a boy is that they can use the bathroom whenever and wherever. While they have this advantage, women have to make sure they empty their bladders before they hit the road or they will be in trouble.

Practicing Religion

Although, men and women are expected to practice their religion, in some religions women cannot do the same things as men. For example, in India the women are not allowed to visit their temples because that is something only the men can do.

Gyming Is Not Always a Possibility

Men can hit the gym whenever they wish to do so, but women cannot do the same. When females are on their period or if they are about to give birth, they are advised to stay away from gyming as much as they can. Luckily, men do not have to undergo any of these problems, sigh.

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