15 Weird Photos That'll Make You Wonder What Is Wrong With The World

Humor | By Cole Damon | October 24, 2017

The world really isn't all that perfect and everyone knows that. Every day you come across people who find some way or the other to impress you with their stupidity and you're just stuck wonder, "Is this really the kind of world I want my kids to be raised in?" While you're no stranger to that question, you can't help but give a round of applause to the stupid minds that make up your day! Here are a few you'll definitely appreciate:

It's your contribution to natural beauty...We humbly thank you!

Okay so this is just sad. There are a bunch of conclusions you can get from this; either the person wasn't aware of where their car was or maybe, just maybe, they did know but didn't care. In the first case you pity the fool who did this and in the other....just why?!

Talk about being impressed by a cult!

Well, you see some pretty bizarre things in high school but we bet you weren't prepared for this! Yeah, high school year book is dedicated to commemorating the past year so of course, you'll expect biographies, student pictures, events but this? What kind of school are you going to?!

Someone contact PETA! It's the crazy cat lady again!

No one said you can't have cats especially if they're anything like the ones in this picture, who could resist! But it's times like these where you wonder what exactly is wrong with the world! When you see a person stuffing 8 cats into one stroller, you don't just ask how, you immediately contact animal control!

Well, there goes women empowerment!

You think since it's 2017, it's a great time to be a woman and oh yeah, it certainly is. But then you're flipping through the magazine and come across something like this, there's really nothing you can do except face palm yourself on the stupidity!

If you reached work on time, you need to thank god!

You think you had it bad just because you got into a bad traffic jam this morning? Oh honey, no matter how long you had to wait, you should always be grateful you weren't stuck here! Guess the traffic police are on their day off because this is absolutely ridiculous!

Well, this is actually impressive...kind of...

Ever had those days where you couldn't find the shoes that went with your outfit? Or maybe you did and they were dirty or broken but don't worry, desperate times call for desperate measures! In times like that, what you can do is take inspiration from this guy:

I don't think you paid them enough!

It's crucial to get a good moving service when you're shifting houses. However, it's often better to not have them move your car too instead of just driving it to your home. If you're to lazy to drive and decide to let the movers handle it, you'll probably going to end up with this:

Don't let IT inspire you too much

The movie "IT" has been a great hit and apparently that has granted people the freedom to scare kids. Seriously, if you're in charge of putting a decoration in a kids park, please make sure it doesn't end up with giving them nightmares!

Oh wow! $10.00 is pretty cheap!

Who goes to hospitals anymore? They're time consuming and charge a hell lot more than $10.00 and oh yeah, it's like the staff and doctors know anything over there! That's why you should always go to this guy, he seems pretty reliable:

Whoa there, take it easy bro!

Remember the guy who couldn't find his shoes and instead wrapped his feet with plastic? Well, this guy decided he didn't have time for plastic and instead went for skates! I mean, granted it's better than plastic but do you really want to do this?

And you thought your work sucked!

If you ever feel like you're hanging by a thread at your job then take inspiration from this guy. He's literally hanging in the air by a crane and it looks like he's absolutely loving it! What could possibly go wrong, right?

Excuse me, sir? But aren't you forgetting something?

Well that's not fair, everyone forgets something or the other every once in a while. Whether it's their wallet, keys, homework, etc., but would you ever expect your school bus to forget it's wheel and axel? Here's a little advice: it's better that you start walking to school instead!

Parenting done...right?

If you're a parent then you can understand the struggle of holding back sarcastic answers. Kids are too much work but that doesn't mean you can't have innocent fun every once in a while. This dad sure did and it's...actually quite funny:

That's not how you do it...

Before owning a gun, you need to really get an instructor to guide you. Remember kids, a gun is not a toy! I guess no one informed her beforehand because she's clearly out of place...with confidence! Honestly, this is scarier than it is funny:

Parenting done wrong!

There was the dad having innocent fun but this mom is definitely NOT someone you should aim to be. Seriously, if you can't handle parenting, use protection! It's really not that hard! Well, guess she takes the trophy of "the stupidest person" Remember, parenting might be difficult but just try not to live by this rule:



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