Things Men Hate Hearing From Their Wives

Humor | By Cole Damon | October 24, 2017

Being married isn't all fairy tales and rainbows and as a man, you should be prepared to accept everything as being your fault. It's just the way the system works! However, to keep a healthy relationship going, it's important that both of you are aware of what ticks the other person off.

That being said, it's time to close the door to what wives find annoying about their men and open the doors to the opposite.

Don't go breaking my heart

Marriage is about working out your relationship on mutual respect and love and the biggest factor being nothing but trust. Some women, however, take matters to their own hands and tend to find everything a bother. Remember, if you're the kind of woman then you need to learn some control!

Silence is key

Sometimes, however, you tend to get a little overwhelmed by daily routines and tend to take it out on your man. That's fine, you need someone to vent to but that doesn't mean you nag all the time. Sometimes silence is all you need to keep it going.

Notice your words

It's amazing how much of what you say can affect your man. It's not your fault, you don't always know what you should and shouldn't say and that's why we've made this post. Marriage is your whole life, try to make it work by noticing your words!

"Nevermind, I'll do it myself"

Women, you need to understand this; we have tons of things that we need to do as well. So if there's some work and you tell us to do it note down that we will. The ultimate line of "Nevermind, I'll do it myself" does absolutely nothing but annoy us.

"You should have known." Men really aren't mind readers and you need to understand that. If there's a problem, wives need to understand that just by making a face or throwing a fit, your man isnt going to magically understand what went wrong.

"We Need to talk."

Oh you're in trouble! When you hear your wife saying these words, suddenly you see your life flash before your eyes and everything that you did gives you the notion of "is this where I went wrong?" There's nothing scarier than these words!

"Pick up after yourself. I'm not your mother."

Yes, ladies, we're aware of that but how about lose the sarcasm and say it in a much better manner. There's nothing more infuriating than having your mom being brought into an already difficult situation. After all, men are always sensitive when it comes to their mothers.

"Do you think she's hot?"

Ah that subtle manipulation. It often doesn't work because men are accustomed to hearing that question but there's always a billion ways you can go wrong. If your wife says this then it's time to pack your blankets because you'll be sleeping on the couch!

"Man up."

Really? You really want to go there? You should never EVER tell a man to man up because very simply put, it hurts the ego. You can never hurt a man's ego because that's a major invitation to trouble. How about letting gender expectations go for once and strike up a civil conversation about what's bothering you instead?

"Let me be alone"

Women keep talking about how it's important to share your feelings but whenever trouble strikes, they back out as well. Ladies, honestly, speak out your feelings and stop telling us to leave you alone! That just makes more trouble and puts the relationship on the edge.

"You've put on a few pounds lately, huh?"

If you don't appreciate it, men don't wither. If you really want to work on a good, sustainable relationship, you need to learn how to empathize and be a better person to each other. Talking about physical attributes really wouldn't work well for your relationship.

"Why do you have to be friends with her if you don't have feelings for her anymore?"

Actually the question is, why CAN'T we be friends? Do you not trust your man? Or maybe you're insecure of having the other girl around? It's one thing being possessive but to question his choices of friends and subtly implying infidelity can lead to complete disaster!

"Don't you know what today is?"

Well, men aren't calendars, you know. You need to keep one thing in mind; it doesn't matter what day it is, what matters is we're together and we've continued to flourish in our relationships. Creating issues on something as petty as a date will only make things worse because, of course, not everyone has a good memory!

"You're going out with the guys again?"

Men need a time out. You literally spend every minute of every day together and if he wants to go out and chill with the guys then let him! Just because you had dinner plans doesn't mean it's the end of the world, you have your whole life with him; you can always go tomorrow!

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