10 Adorable Dog Breeds Created By Humans

Entertainment | By Charlie Blacks II | October 24, 2017

Man and his canine companion in the dog have lived side by side and worked together for thousands of years. And throughout these gentle animals, lifetime's they've been bred for a variety of purposes from hunting to protective reasons but, as the world has shifted and resources have become more readily available we've also modified the purposes of our canine friends for our own reasons. Now, we have a variety of manmade breeds that we'd thought would never walk the earth. With that being said, check out these adorable dog breeds created by humans.

First & Foremost...

First and foremost, we wouldn't recommend that you try to cross breed any type of dog and if you're in search of any of the breeds featured you should contact a professional breeder. Also, messing with the genetic makeup of any animal isn't the greatest idea.

One More Thing!

Modifying a dog's genetic makeup could lead to extreme health and mental issues of the current litter and future litters of these gentle animals. They're man's best friend and we should treat them as such. They're not just here for our amusements, they too have stock in this vast universe. Now, that that's out of the way... Let's get to some cuteness!

The Yorkie Poo: Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle

Poodles are naturally elegant and Yorkshire terriers have an adorable factor that is unmatched but, when the two come together you get this little bundle of joy, the Yorkie Poo. They're non-aggressive yet very curious so, we'd recommend keeping a close eye on 'em.

The Yorkie Poo: Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle Pt. II

On another note, how could you keep your eyes away from such a precious and beautiful little creature? Despite those captivating puppy eyes, they could be a little harder to train as well but, with a coat and facial structure like this how could you stay mad at a Yorkie Poo? We know we couldn't.

The Pitsky: Pitbull and Husky

Pitbulls have gotten a bad rap over the years due to poor handlers and those who have bred the canines for the wrong reasons but, when a Pitbull and a husky come together you get the Pitsky. An alert and protective breed that will remain loyal for years to come.

The Chusky: Chow Chow and Husky

The Chusky is a cross breed between the Chow Chow and the Husky. Despite the dog's ability to grow to a monstrous size like the one pictured above, they're actually an ideal dog to have around children. Shocking but, it's true.

The Chusky: Chow Chow and Husky Pt. II

Oh, we almost forgot to mention that they're virtually the living version of teddy bears when they're puppies. They also tend to be extremely quiet, tender, and obedient when it comes to their owners which makes them perfect companions for kids. They're basically gentle giants.

The Dalmachshund: Dachshund and Dalmatian

This beautiful puppy-eyed breed is a cross between the Dalmatian and Dachshund. Not only do they have extremely unique coats they tend to be highly active and pretty obedient dogs as well. They're perfect for someone who enjoys an active lifestyle and the outdoors.

The Corgitian: Corgi and Dalmatian

At one point in time, Disney led us to believe that the Dalmatian was one of the gentlest dog breeds around but, contrary to popular belief that can be extremely temperamental and violent at times. But fortunately, the Corgi and Dalmatian have come together to create the Corgitian, a breed known for their loyalty.

The Chug: Pug and Chihuahua

For some strange reason, men have taken to the pug and women have taken to the Chihuahua throughout the years and once the idea to cross breed these two, the Chug was born. A breed perfect for any couple out there that can't agree on either or breed.

The Chug: Pug and Chihuahua Pt. II

Not to burst anyone's bubble out there but, there are some precautions that we would recommend being aware of before you start your personal hunt for your own Chug puppy. Both Pugs and Chihuahua's are known to have health complications so, this crossbreed might not be the healthiest and could require extra attention throughout their lifespan. Sorry guys.

The Schnoodle: Poodle and Schnauzer

The Poodle and the Schnauzer have come together to create the Schnoodle. A dog that's definitely on the timid side, has no problem being left alone in the home, and remains pretty healthy for the most part. This is definitely a perfect companion for those of you who prefer your dogs close at all times.

The Corman Shepherd: Corgi and German Shepherd

Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce to you the Corman Shepherd, a cross breed between the Corgi and German Shepherd. Both the German Shepherd and Corgi are known for their loyalty so, this particular breed has the ability to sniff out their owner's emotions and tend to be very intelligent.

The Horgi: Husky and Corgi

We're not sure how this one was done but, here's the Horgi, a cross breed between the Husky and Corgi. A breed known to great around toddlers and newborns, they're extremely friendly, and have tons of energy. Not to mention, they're also adorable AF.

The Husky Retriever: Husky and Golden Retriever

That's right people, the Husky Retriever is a real thing. This beautiful pup is a cross between the Husky and Golden Retriever. These bad boys are known for being overly nice, extremely tender, caring, and loving. And how could you not love a face like that? Tell us... How Sway?!



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