Possible UFO Flying Next to an Airplane Caught On Video

Weird | By Ian Anglin | October 24, 2017

Today we have a rather shocking story about a UFO that was spotted flying next to a commercial airliner in Spain. Someone people took photos with their phones, so we can thank them for giving us the chance to see these weird photos. We can never be 100% sure on the authenticity, but from what I can tell - these photos do not look like they have been altered in any way. Suffice to say, the people on the plane were shocked.

Here is the UFO Flying Underneath the Plane

You can clearly see a weird flying metallic object, a few hundred feet below the commercial airliner. The shape is weird, it does not look like anything we have created on Earth. It flies, yet it doesn't even have wings - and it is certainly not a rocket.

Zooming-in On the UFO

After we zoomed-in on the UFO and increased the size of the resulting photo, you can see it has a clear diamond shape - almost like the one seen in some recent alien/sci-fi movies. Kudos to the people brave enough to take this picture.

"What the Hell is that?"

In the video taken of this UFO, you can clearly hear the cameraman yelling "What the hell is that?" We have no idea as well, but at the ending of the video, you can see the UFO simply vanishing into thin air or becoming invisible.

More Than 35,000 Have Viewed the Video

The video of this UFO flying next to the plane has been shared around the world and is quickly becoming viral. It has already been seen by 35,000 users, with the numbers surely to increase many times over that in the following period.

"Trust Me It's Real"

One of the other people that took a photo of the incident, told reporters the following: "I've witnessed a UFO from my airplane window seat before so I DO believe this...trust me it's real." I can believe his words, after seeing these photos.

Some Users Have Dismissed the Video

While some users are hating on the video and have simply dismissed it as a "hoax," others trust in its authenticity. One such user commented "Amazing! It seems to be moving slowly at first then speeds up." It's good to know I'm not the only one to have noticed that weird motion.

The Video Has Passed Some Scrutiny

There are some people that have been viewing the video, that appears to know what they are talking about. One such user declared "The tricky part of adding an image from a camera phone is the perspective and speed...this passed the test of enlargement."

Could It Be a Weather Balloon?

At the beginning, when I first saw the video, I did think that it may be a weather balloon, but seeing it a few more times, and closely watching the way the object moves, makes me think that there is no way this can be anything else other than a UFO.

There Have Been Other, Similar UFO Incidents

Not only have there been similar UFO incidents around the world but also Spain has seen its own share of such incidents. One such incident is the so-called "Manises UFO Incident," which even has its own Wikipedia page due to the panic it caused.

The Manises UFO incident

The Manises UFO incident is an event happened on 11 November 1979, which forced a commercial flight to make an emergency landing at the Manises airport, near Valencia, Spain. Most UFO incidents don't cause this amount of trouble, so obviously, something serious was happening here.

The Pilots Noticed a Set of Red Lights

During the course of their flight, the pilots of flight JK-297, had noticed a set of red lights, approaching their plane at a fast speed. The flight originally took off from Salzburg (which is in Austria) and had a destination to Las Palmas, an island in the Atlantic.

The Plane Had to Change Course to Avoid a Mid-Air Collision

The strange set of red lights that was approaching the plane, was headed for a straight mid-air collision. The pilots had to change the course and altitude of the plane in order to avert certain destruction. Luckily, they succeed in not hitting the UFO.

This Was the First Time in History for a Commercial Flight to Make a Landing Because of a UFO

After the pilots changed course, in order to avoid hitting the UFO, the object had also changed its trajectory in order to follow them. The captain decided that the best course of action is to land on the nearest airport, which was in Valencia.

The UFO Abandoned the Pursuit Shortly Before Their Landing

After the plane landed near Valencia, the pilots and cabin crew had a discussion with the authorities. They explained that the weird set of red lights that was following them, stopped the pursuit only when the plane got very close to landing.

A Fighter Took Off to Hunt for the UFO

Since the Pilot's story was credible, the Spanish Air Force authorized a Mirage F-1 fighter to take off and look for the UFO - in order to be able to identify it. The pilot got close to a "truncated cone" shape that was flying nearby, but the object vanished once the F-1 jet close.



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