Five Celebrities That Gave Up Fame And Quit Their Careers

Entertainment | By Ian Anglin | October 24, 2017

While most of us are living normal, ordinary lives, we sometimes envision how it is it like to be a celebrity. You may be fantasizing about going out in the morning, and everyone walking by knows your name and wants to get your autograph. Sadly, this is not the life many celebrities have. A lot of them lead a very stressful daily experience, and they rarely have any privacy left to themselves. That is why sometimes, even famous people quit their jobs, and become regular people - like us.

Kevin Jonas Quit His Band

Kevin Jonas is a member of the world-famous "Jonas Brothers" band - a music duo that has sold over 17 million records worldwide. He even appeared on a reality show based on his life - called "Married to Jonas," but the show didn't last long

He Got Married in 2012

Kevin started to get more serious with his life in 2012 when he married his then-girlfriend Danielle. After that, his life went a full 180 degrees, and he has now worked in multiple blue and white collar jobs in order to support his growing family.

He Worked in the Construction Industry

You might think he started out as a CEO of some startup, but that was not the case. He started working in the construction industry as a constructor, he then launched a mobile app that helped users find restaurants in their area, and he is also CEO of "Blu Market."

Dylan Sprouse Quit Acting

This is a pretty amazing story - at the peak of his career, Dylan Sprouse (together with his brother Cole) were two of the highest paid child actors. Their career was just getting started, and they were set for getting even better roles in Hollywood movies.

"The Suite Life Movie" Was His Last Movie

Dylan's life was pretty unpredictable at times. No one knew he was going to quit acting when he was done with his last movie called "The Suite Life Movie." All everyone heard was that he and his brother went to college.

He Got a Job at a Brewery

I'm not sure when his brother Cole finished with college, but Dylan graduated in May 2015. Now comes the surprising part - after graduating, Dylan took a job in a brewery in New York, and never tried to get back into acting.

Steven Anthony Lawrence Works in a Shopping Mall

Here is an even weirder story - after he quit acting during his "child actor" phase, Steven was spotted working at a California shopping mall during the holiday season. I'm not poking fun at him - everyone has their ups and downs in life.

He Was Spotted Working as One of Santa's Helpers

Steven's story isn't finished yet - reading about the part where I said he worked at a shopping mall, probably made you think he was at the cash register or something like that? No, that's not what happened. Steven worked as one of Santa's little helpers at the mall.

People Were Surprised By His Job Change

When people first heard of what happened to Steven, they rushed to the mall to try and get a selfie with him. No could understand why he did. Some reports claim that he said that he felt his physical appearance changed too much from his 2003 "Even Stevens" show.

Jon Gosselin's Divorce Broke Him

Here is a television actor who you may have forgotten about, but that actually had a few good shows. He's John Gosselin, and his dramatic life changes began in 2009 when he divorced his wife Kate. His entire family got ripped apart.

He Had Problems Keeping a Steady Job

After the divorce, his wife Kate got custody of the children, which broke his heart. He then quit acting and had problems holding a steady job. He tried dabbling in waiting tables or even installed solar panels to buildings.

He Became a DJ

Although he isn't in the movies anymore, his real life does read like a movie script. After trying many jobs, Jon finally found success at being a DJ. This was a recent event, as it just happened in March 2017, with his first show being in an Atlantic City nightclub.

Susan Boyle Was the UK's Miracle Singer

Not a lot of people remember Susan Boyle, but she shocked everyone on stage at the "Britain's Got Talent" show in 2009. She didn't look pretty or like a celebrity, but her voice was simply unmatched by anyone else in attendance.

She Even Released an Album

During her rise to fame, Susan even released an album called "Hope," but that is where success stopped. The following year, she decided to take a pause from singing in order to spend more time with family and friends.

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