15 Things Women Can Do That Men Can't

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | October 24, 2017

We all know that the gap between men and women is closing it, but that doesn't mean the sexes don't have different preferences for certain things. At the end of the day, the number of hours you spend doing something is going to determine how good you are. So, if women spend more time doing X, and men spend more time doing Y, it would be obvious that women are going to be better at the "X" thing.

Women Are Touchy Feely

You have probably noticed this, but women can touch each other much more freely. Guys have much stronger personal boundaries, and you could easily get in a fight if you touch the wrong dude (or if you even hold eye contact for too long).

Guys Can't Wear Makeup

I'm not really sure this is a positive or negative, but yeah, in today's society, it is against the "rules" for guys to wear makeup. Women can freely use various sorts of cosmetic products in order to enhance their beauty, which makes life so much easier.

Women Can do More Than Just Touching

The open & free social interaction between women doesn't stop at just touching each other freely. No, women can also say anything to other girls, even calling her friends "attractive." For guys, calling someone attractive can be the death of your friendship.

Women Can Become Pregnant - And Abort

Here is another thing that women are capable of doing, but that some circles of people can find controversial. Women can obviously conceive babies - but they can also abort them. Not everyone has the power to end a human life.

Girls Can Dance with Other Girls

Dancing is one of the best methods of bonding between people - it probably has roots in ancient times, when tribes used to dance together. Anyway, girls can dance with other girls without appearing weird - for guys, dancing with other guys can be detrimental to their social status,

Girls Live Longer

It is an accepted scientific fact that women live longer than by - by approximately 5-6 years. This obviously does not affect all couples the same way - and no one can confirm whether men die earlier due to genetics, or having a more dangerous life.

Guys Have a Limited Wardrobe

If you take a close look at the above photo, you will notice the amazing assortment of clothing girls can choose to wear. Guys can't do this - we have our blue jeans, a few pairs of pants, a shirt, t-shirt, sneaker and dress boots.

Multiple Orgasms

Here is one thing women can do, that guys can't - and I bet many men are secretly jealous of this. Some girls (but not all) seem to be capable of reaching multiple orgasms, sometimes in the span of a few minutes. Men? Probably once every 15 minutes - on a good day.

The "PMS" Card

If anything goes wrong with their day, or if they say anything bad about someone - girls can just pull the "PMS" card and use that to explain their behavior. Given that PMS doesn't have to happen during their period, this card can be used at any point during the month.

Girls Can Look Tall Whenever They Want

If you are a guy, you might have come to terms with your height at an early age - since there was simply nothing you could do to change it. Girls can grow easily - sometimes even adding 3-4 or even 5 inches to their height.

Maternal Instinct

Some recent studies have pointed out that women have an almost instant reaction to a baby's crying - while men in some situations paid no attention the crying at all. This is one of the main genetic differences between the sexes.

Girls Can Hide Their Arousal

If a girl gets aroused - perhaps at the beach, or any other place, she can easily hide her arousal since it doesn't show anywhere on her body. Guys can't do this - if they get aroused, the whole world can know this, especially if it happens at the beach.

Keeping Long Hair

This one is not as taboo as it was in the past, but still, you will notice while most girls (over 90%) have long hair, for guys it is just a small percentage. The guys that do have long hair, are usually into rock or metal, so that explains their hairstyle choice.

Natural Food Providers

Not all guys are jealous of this, but it still is a difference that men will never overcome - women are natural food providers. After a woman gives birth to her baby, she produces milk, making breastfeeding one of the many miracles of life.

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