There Is Something Very Wrong With This Image - Can You Figure Out What It Is?

Weird | By Cole Damon | October 23, 2017

Just when you think you've seen it all, the internet comes up with these absolutely ludicrous and mind boggling tricks leaving our jaws dropping in shock and awe. But what in the world could be more disturbing than the disproportionate buttocks of Kim Kardashian you ask? Things are not what they always seem and a careful eye is needed to notice things which seem amiss. Are you ready to become shell shocked once more?

Things are not what they always seem

To the untrained eye, the picture shows five models showing off in various not too raunchy poses. But the reality is slightly (or far more depending on who you ask) more disturbing than what seems at first.

Spot the anomaly

Could it be the background's bright white contrast against the noticeably darker outfit of the models? Nope. Okay, maybe it's the classical 'hidden picture staring back at you' trick then? Found it? Nope. And you won't find it either.

Hidden faces were a novelty of a bygone era

The novelty of a, "Scary man/woman staring back at you'' has worn out. The internet has evolved to find more sophisticated means of shocking us to our core. Don't worry though, we won't oust the 'horror' in the picture just yet.

Search for the clues

No detective work is fun without the use of clues. Conveniently placed and plot driving mechanics are typical of show such as True Detective. Sometimes the answer is staring right back at you. You just have to change your perspective.

Zoom in zoom out

Here's a hint. Zoom in at every single pixel on the picture until you find exactly what has been haunting us for the past couple of days. Literally, we heard one of our coworkers wet their pants when they saw it.

Alright just two more clues to go

Still haven't found it? Why would you if you're searching in the wrong places and looking for the wrong things? But here's a more precise clue for you. Look towards the models in the lower portion of the picture.

Here's another big reveal

Alright, we'll reveal the big secret. You see this model who's relaxing on the erected platform (not the stairs) giving us the classical Steve Jobs pose? You'll get more than a surge of serotonin if you spot what's wrong with her.

And here's what's wrong

We hope you have something nearby to help you with when your only reaction from all that disgust and revulsion is to regurgitate your tummy's contents onto the floor. Because we are about to reveal the secret to you. (Keep a wastebin nearby)

BOTH her feet are right sided

Do you see the anomaly now? Both this model's feet are right sided. Either there is something innately wrong with her body or perhaps this is a dirty old photoshop trick. Are you shocked enough? Are you shaking in your boots yet?

The internet is full of fakes

The internet is rampant with wanton fakes, which can be circulated just as easily as the real pics. In fact, Ally Brooke (the pictured model) actually had to clarify the ensuing confusion. That the picture is a classical case of photoshop gone bad.

Here are a few more classical fakes

Here's giant shark jumping out of the waters to chomp down on what looks like a Navy seal. The soldier is trying to hitch a ride (preferably back home) out of the danger zone. But the monster shark seems to have almost caught its target.

Ain't no such thing as fairies

The world is full of superstition, and photoshop is not making things any easier. All you need is to hire an expert illustrator's skills and superimpose one image on to another. You won't be able to tell a difference.

The eye of the storm

No one likes getting caught between the eye of the hurricane, where the strongest gusts of wind and storm exist, but it looks like that's exactly what's happening behind the Statue of Liberty. Holding up that torch against the backdrop of a raging storm actually makes for a nice click.

A new breed of dogs

We have bred various different breeds of dogs together to varying results. Sometimes however, the result is an abnormally large pit bull. Big enough to eat another horse apparently. Pit bulls are already seen as aggressive forces of nature as it is, so no need to overdramatize powers by photoshopping them.

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