Is The Cross That Pope Francis Carries Not The Crucifix of Christ?

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 23, 2017

After becoming the leader of the catholic world, Pope Francis made headlines by making controversial reforms to the church, something which will make him the most unorthodox leader in the history of papacy. But by far the most disturbing rumor is the fact that the person on the cross which Pope Francis is carrying is not an image of Jesus, but of someone else. This is alarming news even to atheists and non believers alike! Exactly what is it?

Closely inspecting the cross

Upon close inspection, it can be seen that the person on the cross is not Jesus. Pope Francis explains that the person in the foreground is a shepherd with his arms crossed. On his arms are several sheep which he is guiding.

The cross is not made of gold

All popes have worn a pectoral cross throughout history. The pectoral cross is worn across the chest, suspended from the neck by a piece of sturdy chain. The strange part about Pope Francis's cross is the fact that it is not made out of gold.

Is he too humble?

The question that boggles our mind is the fact that traditionally, popes have always adorned their necks with golden pectoral crosses. So why would Pope Francis choose otherwise? Why would he go against tradition? Is he too humble or is there some foul play at work here?

To quote Pope Francis himself

Well. To quote Pope Francis himself, "I decided to keep the original pectoral cross made of silver because it has a special place in my heart." It was a reminder to him that God chose him to be a 'shepherd' for the people.

Conspiracy nuts will have you believe weird nonsense

The rumors that conspiracy nuts are spouting out is that the figure etched on the cross is some medieval pagan god. The shepherd on the cross is similar to an Egyptian god of death Osiris. They're both seen crossing their arms on their chest.

So should you believe them?

Absolutely not. The internet as we know it, is full of nonsensical rumors and fake news (to quote the POTUS). We should be intelligent enough to detect the truth from tomfoolery. Learn to verify what you read on the internet from a third party.

But the new Pope is different

He is unorthodox and isn't afraid to face the naysayers. He has the courage to propagate his ideals to the world even if it means going against what has been the norm. As a result, his unflinching attitude has brought about numerous changes to the Catholic Church.

But is he really such a good reformer?

The world will have us believe that the Pope is against kiddie fiddlers and child molesters but in 2014 Pope Francis restored Mauro Inzoli of his priestly duties 'warning' him to stay away from minors. Inzoli was stripped of priesthood by Pope Benedict in 2012.

The world hails him as a warrior

The world (mostly Western) touts as a reformer who has zero tolerance towards child abusers, pedophiles, molesters and fundamentalists. But does the reinduction of Inzoli not raise alarming bells? Inzoli was imprisoned for four years on account of pedophilia charges.

Divorced people could get Holy Communion

A topic that has divided all Catholics for centuries is whether divorced and remarried individuals should be entitled to the Holy Communion, the Pope gave his own two cents on the polarizing topic, deciding that they should indeed get the Holy Communion.

But then he retracted from his statement

It seems the Pope does give in to the pressures imposed on him from fundamentalist and orthodox Christians alike. The uproar caused him to retract from the statement, saying instead, "Integrating into the church doesn't mean receiving Communion."

Did he just say, "Eat shit"?

Says the Pope. It seems like Donald Trump, the Pope is also vehemently opposed to fake news, so much that he actually uttered the following words, "And since people have a tendency towards the sickness of coprophagia."

Now that is the definition of unhinged behavior

Blogger Rorate Caeli chalked this disturbing behavior of the pope to ageing or underlying medical issue. Even the mental faculties of the pope have now been called under question. Least to say, he has become a polarizing among Catholic priests.

Fake cloak of humility

Those who oppose the pope accuse him of putting on a cloak of fake humility. Naysayers believe the Pope is putting on a charade when he pays his own bill at the hotel and refuses to live in the Apostolic Palace.

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