Sheyla Tedeo Drops a Whopping 60 Pounds of Total Body Weight

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 23, 2017

Sheyla is recognized for her incredible and jaw dropping performances in "La Escuelita" by Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo. The large Mexican actress is celebrated as a successful comedian and singer. One day however, she decided to grace the cameras after dropping a massive 60 kilos of weight. The dramatic transformation from being an enormous 137 kilos to a respectable 77 kilos caused a flurry of reactions among her audience. Least to say, they were impressed.

She is a famous singer

The entire Mexican population (and the world over) celebrates her beautiful and mesmerizing voice. The celebrity however took a small break from the spotlight because she wanted to focus more on her weight. She worked hard to achieve this amazing transformation.

She needed assistance

Of course, such a large weight loss meant that she also had to undergo a significant amount of liposuction surgeries to get rid of the excess skin. This is not to say that the beautiful model didn't exert any personal efforts.

Dieting and exercise

She hit the gym, 7 days a week, 10 hours a day (sometimes) and ate food in controlled proportions in accordance with the strict guidelines of her fitness trainer. The world does not see her painful struggle, only the final results.

At one point she wanted to give up

There were times when the beautiful model tried to give up in frustration. Of course, she was a little agitated by the fact that her efforts did not give her overnight results. But she persevered through thick and thin.

She shrugged all the naysayers

Naysayers are always there to be found. At times, Sheyla complained she was constantly bogged down by the demands of her audience to once again grace the camera. The pessimists around her tried to prevent her from losing weight.

It takes a great deal of courage

The will power a person needs to completely transform their lives is not found in many people. Especially when you are as famous and successful as Sheyla. The urge to abandon your goals and just recline on the couch is not easy to deal with.

But she persevered

Perseverance is the key to success. The motto which our viewers should always live by is that no matter who you are, no matter which corner of the world you're in, perseverance is your one ingredient to success.

Sheyla also underwent a few more procedures

While Sheyla's battle with obesity has been a praiseworthy, it is important to note that she did also underwent a few cosmetic procedures such as undergoing a nosejob. Whatever floats her boat, if she feels she needs botox surgery, more power to her.

Health problems of being overweight

Obesity and indeed, putting on hundreds of kilos of weight is not easy for the heart to handle. At one point, it just collapses and stops performing all its critical functions. Arteries get clogged and the person experiences a crippling stroke.

Body shaming

While we're not promoting body shaming, it doesn't hurt to lose that extra weight. Remember, it's not just your cosmetic appearance which is put at stake here, your health is put under tremendous pressure. Some people however take it the wrong way and assume they're being body shamed.

Can't argue with science

Scientific studies show that American life expectancy just dipped slightly. The answer could be due to obesity, you just can't argue with science here. Putting on those extra pounds is not easy on your body and could lead to an early death.

What does this have to do with beauty?

The before and after pictures of Sheyla (and indeed any plus sized individual) show significant improvement in their aesthetics. The 'health at every size movement' is doing an admirable job of doing away with the superfluous definition of beauty. But you can't argue science away can you?

Story of Mama June

If you don't believe us, look no further than Mama June, a woman of similar size to Sheyla. Mama June also decided to get rid of all that excess fat. The results were stunning. She instantly became a desirable woman for millions of men worldwide.

But don't insult someone for being fat

The definition of what a 'real woman' varies from person to person. So whether you're on the skinny side, plus side, short or tall side, just because you don't fit one person's definition of perfection doesn't mean you're not a real woman.

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