Here Are 15 Tricks To Make Men Think About You All The Time

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | October 23, 2017

You have seen that woman at the bar, the one who is so captivating she is almost magic. Every guy is vying for her attention, she seems to be both effortlessly beautiful yet precisely working the room. How is it that she has every man she meets instantly wrapped around her finger? Women have these special skills to capture a mans attention and be irritable if they learn how to utilize these skills. When women discover how to harness these sexual sorcerers within them they can become the one in the room who is turning heads, the one that no man can resist.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

You don't need to pile on pounds of makeup to bring out your beautiful self. Trying to hide the things that you see as flaws will only make you lac confidence in yourself. Those women who seem so naturally beautiful are that because they embrace their beauty and enhance what they already have.

Laugh Out Loud

The most magnetic thing in the world is a woman's smile and laughter. Open your mouth and toss your head back when you laugh. Show off that beautiful smile and those pearly whites. Your ability to brighten the room with your smile and laughter will have all the heads turning.

Be Carefree

Don't take life too seriously. It is hard enough to be everything you are supposed to be in this world, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Men are infinitely more attracted to a woman who has a positive outlook on life especially when times are rough.

Be Your Weird Self

As well as having a carefree outlook on life, have that same attitude about who you are as a person. Everyone is a little weird and most men think it is sexiest when a woman embraces her weird side and just lets her whole personality shine in all of its glory.

Don't Self Doubt

Whether you want to go and talk to a guy, or sing an Whitney Houston song at karaoke, don't let self doubt stop you from being yourself and having fun. A man will notice when a woman is ultra confident in herself and will be instantly connected to that quality.

Speak Your Mind

The most entrancing girl is one with her own mind and opinions but is still able to accept the opinions of everyone else. Men love a little challenge and having a good healthy discussion over passionate issues while still being able to come to positive conclusions in the end is super hot.

Complement Others

Give personalized complements to the people around you. A guy will be flattered to hear you say something nice to him in a way that is a bit off putting and you will give off some dominant vibes that are extremely intriguing for someone of the opposite sex.

Stand Up Straight

The way your hold yourself says tons about how confident you are as a person. A woman who holds herself confidently, standing up straight, arms uncrossed and inviting, will be much more desirable to a man than a woman who is slumped over in the corner.

Make Eye Contact

If you want to entrance a man into falling for you, engage in intense eye contact with him. He will find your stare extra alluring and you will feel like a sex goddess ready to strike. Eye contact is a very intimate thing and when harnessed the power is irresistible.

Be Like One Of The Guys

Embrace your womanly qualities but don't let that stop your from being like one of the guys once in a while. You can be both feminine and fun without any hangups, and mastering the combination of both will guarantee that you are an unforgettable woman.

Don't Give In To Him

If a guy is trying to put the moves on you to a point that is uncomfortable or stifling, stand up for yourself and don't give into his predator tactics. If you are interested in him than it will make him want you more, and if you are not, you will show other men how they can't mess around with a girl like you.

Dress For Success

There is a way to dress to play up your assets while also not trying too hard. If you are usually a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, pick a shirt that shows off your eyes and some jeans that really make your butt look great. Be the best version of your authentic self and watch the men swoon.

Be Your Own Biggest Fan

You don't need a squad to show men how awesome you are. If you are your own biggest fan, and men see you being good to yourself, being confident in who you are, and standing up for what you want, they can only think how captivating of a woman you actually are.

Use The Power Of Touch

When you are talking to a man, touch his arm gently when you say something, graze your hand across his thigh when you laugh, and put your hand on his back when you walk by. The simple power of a slight touch goes a long way in getting a guys attention.

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