15 Signs That You Are a Genius Even Though You Don't Think You Are

Weird | By Ray Porter | October 23, 2017

All humans on this planet are individuals. But there are certain traits that certain groups of people share. Have you ever wondered what the shared traits of geniuses are? After many experiments and investigations, experts have concluded that certain factors are in common in people with a high IQ. Whether a person is a genius or not has to do with genetics, but there are behaviours that can give away more about a person than you would have guessed.

Carful with Their Virginity

Smarter people do not let their libido and urges control them, they are less likely, as men, to fall prey to social pressures surrounding virginity. As such, when it comes time to choose with whom you share your first intimate moments, a genius is more likely to be selective.

Greater Intimacy

They are some big relationship perks that come with a genius' selective and monogamous tendencies. Things don't tend to get so boring so quickly because at the time of intimacy a genius is surer of his partner and choices and so is more passionate.

No Big Surprise

This one isn't likely to surprise too many people but genius' don't tend to be the most social of people. They feel misunderstood and don't relate very well with the people around them, this makes them seem and be more withdrawn.

Not So Straight Edge

People with high and genius IQs tend to experiment with drugs in their lives. Often these people are thought of straight edge nerds, but that's not the case. Additionally, thanks to their over developed common sense they don't tend to become addicted.

Sleep is for The Weak

More recent studies have begun to show that smarter people tend to stay awake later in the evenings, making use of the time to study or read rather than sleep. As a result, these genius' often have trouble waking up early.

Everyone has a Poison

Unfortunately, smarter people tend to form a strong relationship with the bottle. The higher IQ in combination with a lack of social interaction can make them feel alone with the weight (and a greater understanding) of the world's problems, on their shoulders.

Art Helps

The smartest people tend to be artistically inclined too. This is because of their trouble with expressing themselves. They often turn to visual arts, writing, or music in an attempt to interact with those around them and express themselves better.


On average, countries with greater numbers of atheists have demonstrated more cognitive ability, this is common in developed countries, the first world, where religion is not a determining factor in many decisions of daily life and don't occupy some much of a person's mental space.

More Accepting

Smart people tend not to care about what others prefer to do with their lives, they are much more open to accepting people of all races, creeds, and love preferences. There are more important things to focus on. They see the magnitude of issues in the world and different preferences don't seem so important anymore.

Surprising Hobbies

The Geniuses of this world often have hobbies and passions that are very disassociated with their raw intellect. Often these hobbies of them let them feel free from the pressures of their intelligence. For example, Albert Einstein was not a fan of solving equations, he liked to sail.


The problem with being a genius is that you perceive the world in different ways, which often causes others not to understand what you say or the reasons why you refer to certain situations in a certain way. This can result in teasing, and in extreme cases, death or expulsion from communities.

Mental Health Issues

The brain activity of someone who is considered to be a genius is very different from that of others. Sometimes this can be reflected in diseases such as obsessive compulsive disorder, creativity bipolarity, autism with musical ability, and the like.

The Oldest Sibling

Genius' are more likely to be the oldest sibling. This is because parents coexist and interact more with their first-born child. This extra interaction and presence leads to better intellectual development. Additionally, the older sibling often comes into responsibility earlier helping to look after their siblings.

Liars and Manipulators

They are mentally more advanced and smarter than everyone else and so often manipulate others around them to get to their desired result faster. Often, they use lies to end an argument faster or help something to reach a conclusion quicker.

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