Weird Things Only Girls Do With Their Best Friends

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | October 23, 2017

You're best friend has seen you at your best, and at your worst. They have stood by your side through breakups and makeups, the hilarious moments and the serious ones. So it isn't surprising that when you and your friend are behind closed doors, you two have a relationship that is unexplainable to others. It's past being comfortable around each other, its that you two have an understanding of one another that is like soul mates, two weird, goofy and totally out there soul mates. Here are some things only you and your best friend do together when no one is around.

Plan Every Detail Of Your Future Unknown Wedding

You two have fantasized together about marrying celebrity heartthrobs like Justin Timberlake, or your weird celebrity crush like Ray Liotta. You have described your fantasy wedding and often it involves a flash mob and that super hunky cashier at whole foods you always smile at.

You Fantasize About Futures Together

Get your own separate lives with your future spouses and children? No way. When you two think about the future, it is all joint houses on the beach, spouses who happen to be brothers, and growing old in rocking chairs together drinking wine and laughing all night.

Check Out Your Weird Body Questions

You feel like this pimple on your nipple is totally strange, or your think you lost you tampon inside of you forever and you cant seem to get it out. Well thats what best friends are for, to help you figure out you weird personal body questions, with no hesitation.


We all need a little human touch and physical reassurance from people we love. So who better to be your cuddle partner than your best friend where you two can switch off being the little spoon and the big spoon! Plus you both are good about not taking up too much of the bed.

Making Weird Noises

You two are so comfortable with each other that you have gone past the point of having a secret language with each other and you two can just make weird noises and know what the other one is thinking. Not only do these weird noises convey your thoughts, they make each other laugh uncontrollably.


There are no secrets between you two and that includes being completely comfortable in the nude together. You two are basically the same person so being naked is like looking in the mirror, how else would you be able to compliment each others amazing butts on the regular.

Weird texts

Not only are you two available to each other at all times of the day and night, but you two are constantly sending each other weird texts, including naked photos, ugly selfless, inside jokes and basically a play by play of both of your whole days.

You Like Each Other More Than Boys

You both love guys, you know that they are going to come in and out of your lives forever. But one thing that is certain is that the two of you will be together forever, so boys are just an after thought. Women are the real treasures in life anyways.

Discuss Beauty Routines

You both are completely open and upfront when it comes to your beauty routine, no matter how personal or weird it gets. You both need to share the secrets of getting rid of bikini rashes, or best waxers for your upper lip. All of it is important to be able to have a friend to bounce ideas off of.

Cry Together

You can't help it. If one of you starts crying the other one will too. Whether its because you are watching the really sad ASPCA dog commercial, or one of you just went through a breakup, you feel each other so deeply that you both will burst into tears at the same time.

Your Inside Jokes

To outsiders, you two might just be aliens from another planet. your weird inside jokes dominate most of your conversations and keep you both rolling in laughter every time you two are together. A true friendship doesn't need words to speak but when it does its always hilarious.

Being Able To Do Nothing Together

The best part of hanging out with your best friend is that you two can spend hours doing absolutely nothing and saying nothing to each other and still have the best time. You two are so comfortable around each other you don't need to be talking, its just being with each other that is the best part.

You Support Each Other

While you might be putting on a brave face for the world to see. When you are with your best friend behind closed doors you can be your true self and support each other when one of you is going through a hard time. You have each other backs no matter what.

You Don't Judge

Maybe after a big night out drinking, you made some questionable decisions and you really need to talk them out. So you call your best friend and the two of you sneak off together to rehash everything where you know you would never be judged by her, no matter how bad the decision.

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