What Your Finger Shape Says About Your Personality

Science | By Ian Anglin | October 23, 2017

Reading about a person's future or their personality from their hands is called "cold reading." The name derives from the fact that you don't have to have rapport or know a person in order to deduce their true meaning in life. I'm not saying that cold readings are always correct or that they are going to be able to predict the lottery - it is just a way (with a high probability of succeeding) of learning a few interesting tidbits about people that you may find interesting. It's also an awesome conversation starter.

A Straight Finger Means:

If you have this type of a finger, it means that you are a strong and flexible person. That you are independent and you don't easily express your feelings. However, you are a human being, so you are an emotional, sensitive and honest person with a big heart.

Pointed Finger Means:

Having this type of a finger, it means that you are a creative and loyal person. You want to express your feeling and give all love you have in your heart. You are unstoppable, so if you want something, you go for it no matter what. My advice for you is sometimes not to go too far, just to not get hurt.

Big Knuckled Finger Means:

You always play it safe, which means that you hardly accept challenges. Hurting people is not always your option, so you are thinking twice before doing it. My advice is sometimes to take some risks if it worth doing it. And remember that life is just a big challenge.

"Fire" Hand Means:

Having this type of hand means that you a natural born leader. Short fingers describe your stubborn, so as shorter they are as more stubborn you are. Also, this means that you quickly make your mind and you will do anything to get what you want.

"Earth" Hand Means:

Having this type of hand means that you are a very responsible person. You want to be secure and sensible most of all. Also, it means that you are a calm and peaceful person. People with this shape of hand usually do some practical activities such as landscaping and woodworking, which is great.

"Air" Hand Means:

Having this type of hand means that you are a highly intelligent person and you have great communication skills. Also, it means that you want to overthink things and that makes you look a little bit quiet. People with this shape of hand usually are writers or teachers.

"Water" Hand Means:

Having this type of hand means that you are an imaginative and flexible person, but also it means that you are very romantic and sensitive. Usually, people with this type of hand are interested in music, poetry, and mystery. You can find them working as a charity worker or as a spiritual leader.

Another "A" Finger Means:

This type of length of your finger means that you are really charming. People want to flirt with you and you know to respond well on their flirtations. You are full of charm and confidence, so you love to take more risks. You will be a perfect soldier, salesperson or even better, a CEO!

Another "B" Finger Means:

This means that you a natural born leader. You are really confident and resourceful person, from who people are asking for advice and looking for the right answers. People with this kind of a finger are born to be politicians, self-helping authors, and teachers.

Another "C" Finger Means:

This type of finger reveals your awesome communication skills. It also reveals that you are a balanced person who loves to listen to the others. You make people feel comfortable while they are in your company. This makes you a brilliant social worker, but also a nurse and therapist.

Extra Plus: Finger Length Can Reveal your Prostate Cancer Risk

Guys, this is for you. And the other four paragraphs below, are just for you. According to a study published in 2010 in the British Journal of Cancer, people with short index finger relative to ring finger have a higher risk of prostate cancer.

Finger Length can Reveal if You are Nice to Women

According to a new study published in the Journal Personality and Individual Difference, men with a short index finger and long ring fingers are nicer to women. In my opinion, this is not that important. Whatever you finger length is you should always be gentlemen.

It can Reveal Your Facial Attractiveness

According to a study published in in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, men who have shorter index finger than ring finger have more handsome faces. This also can mean nothing. Every person is beautiful on their own unique way.

It can Reveal your Penis Size, Also

Another study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology, says that men who have shorter index finger than their ring finger means that have a longer penis. However, it doesn't mean that the size makes any difference. Besides, size is not important. Right?

Financial Status Also can be Revealed

According to one study published in Economics and Human Biology, it was found that people with a lower ratio between the two fingers had had a higher income. My opinion is that after graduation, every person should think more seriously about their financial status, no matter of what your ratio is.



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