15 Things You Do on a Daily Basis That Impresses Everyone Around You

Inspiration | By Ian Anglin | October 23, 2017

I was thinking of what to write this morning when I came up with this idea (okay - I partially "came up" with it; the Internet did provide some sort of inspiration). I think we all do various stuff on a daily basis that could be seen as amazing or impressing by a lot of people - yet we might never know since not everyone tells other people what they think. In addition, there could be many people on the street that could have a positive opinion about you, but you may never have a conversation with them.

Dressing Well

Nothing speaks more about you than the way you are dressed. If you want to impress people, there is no better way to start, than by trying to wear sharp and trendy clothes. Boost this effect by weightlifting and losing any excess fat that you may have.

Be Courteous

There is nothing better to say than "Please," and, "Thank You" when you get the occasion to do so. Not everyone is going to be pleased by your manners, but those people are just haters. Be happy and cheerful, and other happy people will align with you.

Smile Often

I don't know if you knew this, but smiles are contagious (unless you live in some war-tarnished, 3rd world country). Everyone likes happy people, and studies have shown that people that smile more - also live longer and have less stress.

Stop Wasting Time by Endlessly Using Your Phone

This is one of my personal pet-peeves - especially when I see young people going out together, and no one talking to each other - because everyone is browsing or chatting on the phone. Studies have shown that less real social interaction leads to higher levels of depression.

Be Great at Greeting Other People

You should never appear cold or standoffish - even with people you don't know or have just met. Try to greet everyone with a handshake (use a strong, firm handshake) - or even better, try to hug people that are close and dear to you.

Learn to Compliment

Complimenting people is one of the best ways to get someone to like you - so don't be shy about telling others what you think, or what you like about them. Not everyone is going to like you because you complimented them - but that doesn't matter.

Be a Good Listener

A lot of people these days, when they are not using their phones, just can't wait to be their turn to speak. Don't be like that. If you can leave the phone, and take your time to listen and understand others, you will instantly become impressive to others.

Be On Time

This is another thing that is dying in today's world - almost everyone is late to everything. We are late to school, work, the doctor's appointment and even dates with our partners. Writing this also serves as a good reminder for myself - I'm guilty of being late pretty often.

Don't Break Your Promises

Your word should be your bond - that's an old saying that is always going to be true. There are some people that are going to try to use you if you follow this code of conduct. It doesn't matter - if you notice someone is being dishonest or trying to use you, just ignore them.

Be Green

Not green as in wearing green clothes, but try to get involved in some of the cool/positive movement that is currently happening in all the countries around the world. Try to save the environment, help out the homeless in the shelters - you will feel much better for doing so.

Be Faithful to Your Partner

Faithfulness is also one of the things that are dying in today's social media-obsessed society. This is primarily caused by the FOMO (Fear of missing out) effect - everyone thinks they are missing out on life if they don't try to go out and meet people every day of the week.

Having an Impressive Personal Hygiene Regimen

I'm not sure you are aware of this fact, but every day you wake up - you are in competition with all the other people in your city. Anything that you can do better than the others around you is going to yield you positive points - you can start by having an outstanding personal hygiene regimen.

Speak Clearly and Keep Eye Contact

You should always strive to speak in an efficient, and easily understandable way - not too fast, and not to slow either. For extra points, you should also try to keep as much eye contact as possible while speaking with other people.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is fun (and often quite tasty), but try not to chew in a professional situation, as it is a very bad look to have. You can freely chew gum at your home, at the movies or while going out with friends. It is also important to chew gum before kissing your partner.

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