15 Hilarious Comics That Basically Define Female Logic

Humor | By Gigi Cummings | October 22, 2017

Women use their own mixture of logic and intuition to make decisions in their life. People try to make sense of a woman's logic but there is just no way to explain it. When women make decisions in their life regarding relationships, and their careers, their methods may seem unconventional but in the end they usually come to conclusions that are right for them. So instead of trying to figure them out, trust what they are going to do, watch their logic unfold and use some of these photos as insight into a womans mind.


When women make a decision, sometimes they don't consider the consequences of their choice until it is too late. More often than not this has to do with relationships and not considering the pros and cons of their partner. Well karma often comes into play.

Flaunt What You Got

When a woman is going to post a picture on the internet, she considers what is going to be the most appealing for her audience. Often she takes into account if the photo flatters her assets. If her body looks good, she knows she is going to get a lot of likes, thats real logic.

Whats Under Your Clothes Matters Too

Women can't just throw on any old pair of underwear and feel like their best and sexiest selves. There is a reason why we spend hundreds of dollars on cute matching underwear, it boosts confidence, it completes and outfit and it makes us feel like a victoria secret supermodel.

Inner Strength Matters

Strength is all in the mind. Women have been known to lift cars singlehandedly when their children are in danger, so it's more like a choice for them to need help lifting a box into a car. Give us the right reasons and we will out lift even the strongest man.

Avoid The Trap

If a woman tries to get you to answer the question if she looks good or not. Always avoid the question, her inner logic is wanting validation for her not thinking she is pretty enough but her outer feelings want to rip anyones head off who answers the questions truthfully.

Problem Solving Skills

Women's minds are like a enigma that is complex and wonderful, but our minds are sometimes distracted with so many things that we often get lost and forget the most basic tasks at hand. Logic might escape even the most basic of tasks because women have better things to think about.

The Perfect Man

When it comes to dating, women can see to change up their minds in a matter of seconds. One moment they want the nice guy who will love them forever, the next minute they are sexy texting the hot guy they met at the bar who is emotionally unavailable.

Female Bonds

Female friends are a very special and wonderful bond. Watching two very close girl friends interact is wonderful and also can be very confusing, one minute they are yelling at each other and calling each other names the next they are hugging and crying.

One And Done

A guy finds a shirt or an outfit that he gets lots of compliments on and he then decides to wear it over and over again until it literally falls a part. A woman gets a compliment on an outfit and she then decides it is tainted and it will then come to rot in the back of her closet.

To Shave Or Not To Shave

Men shave their faces on the regular but if they decide not to, it becomes a sexy scruffy upgrade. Women decide not to shave their legs for a week and they doom themselves to yoga pants and jeans, even if there is a crazy heat wave and they are sweating through their clothes.

The Laws Of Attraction

There are some science facts that are completely normal to women but seem a bit strange to everyone else. But sometimes its just not explainable, the laws of attraction are what they are and women can't help their innate nature to act how they do.

Blame Disney

Women have blamed Disney movies for giving them all sorts of false expectations, having really great hair, having animal friends, and meeting the prince charming who is going to fulfill all of their dreams. Oh if only we could have a magical fairy godmother to get us a new wardrobe in the blink of an eye.

Equal But Better

Women should be treated equal to men, in all situations, not questions asked. Except that they should be treated better than men, because they are life giving, magical, beautiful creatures who are basically the only reason that there is life on this earth.

Men Are Always At Fault

This is something that men are just going to have to deal with when they are in a relationship with a woman. Men are always going to be wrong, even if they are right. And women will use their logic to twist everything to make sure that they are right and you are wrong and thats how it is.

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